fortnite battle royale loading screen season 7 week 1

You Better Watch Out

The highly anticipated seventh season has officially kicked off for Fortnite and the game is almost unrecognizable.

In the lead up to Season 7, fans had seen numerous leaks, theories and in-game hints at what was to come, but all of that pales in comparison to the reality of this new season and the theme attached.

A mere 5 weeks ago, the Island was being ravaged by Cube Monsters while shrouded in mist and darkness. But, now the map is crisp and hazy from chilly new biome and giant Iceberg. Beautiful, fresh snow blankets a large portion of the map, and icy lakes have formed, almost engulfing entire locations.

Ziplines are seen connecting the majority of mountain tops, with players zooming along them while planes dogfight overhead.

It is a sight to behold, especially if you had gotten used to the previous look and feel that Fortnite had on offer in season 6.

The basic theme for the current season is indeed Christmas, but with a twist. For our lovable, fat, and jolly Old Saint Nick is replaced with SGT Winter, and he is ready to rip you to pieces like wrapping paper on a kid’s bicycle.

Cosmetics, mobility items, and new map changes are not the only things that give this season a completely fresh dynamic. The brand new Creative mode has added a whole other type of playground for us to enjoy. And to ensure players are on the hook, Epic has partneres with The Block for the first competition of the season.

There is so much to cover, rest assured it will be spoken about in depth in next weeks episode of The Fortnite Fortnightly Podcast. But for now, here’s a few of the changes you can find in game.

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