Fortnite Challenges – Week 2


Visit all of the Corrupted Areas

The first challenge for week two is straight forward and easy to accomplish. We finished this one over two Soaring 50s matches. Just make sure you get plenty of materials to build ramps and you can deploy your glider to make it around the island quickly. You should be able to finish this one over a few matches without any issues.

Use a Shadow Stone in different matches

The second challenge for week two is also simple to complete, just refer to the map above once more and in 3 different matches visit one of the Corrupted Areas and consume a Shadow Stone.

The stones were removes from the game after the commencement of Season 6 due to a glitch that allowed some players to use them without the 45 second time limit.

But the are back now! So make short work of this challenge and get it done.

Stage 1 of 3: Deal damage with standard Assault Rifles to opponents

Last season we saw the introduction of the staged challenges and we are certainly glad they have been continued. This Challenge is for Assault Rifle damage and is broken down into the following three stages:

  • Stage 1: Deal damage with standard Assault Rifles to opponents
  • Stage 2: Deal damage with standard Burst Assault Rifles to opponents
  • Stage 3: Deal damage with standard Suppressed Assault Rifles to opponents

No guide on this one, just get out there and deal 200 damage to opponents with each of the specified weapons.

Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away

So to put this measurement in perspective for you, each building element is meant to be 5m. The scale seems like a small 5m we know but that is how it will be calculated in game. So imagine building 10 walls in a row, that is 50m right there.

We recommend using an Assault or Burst at a minimum, this means no Shotguns or SMGs gangsta, put that tiny piece away before you hurt yo’self. Bring in the big guns on this one, literally. If you are any good with a Hunting Rifle or Sniper, even better. Or you could go for a Rocket kill if you are lazy.

Deal damage with Pistols to opponents

In this Pistol Challenge you must deal out 500 damage to opponents which not everyone will find so easy.

If your close quarters combat is already on point, this shouldn’t concern you too much. If not, and you struggle when it comes to fighting within close proximity to your opponent, we recommend the Suppressed Pistol.

It is a severely under-rated weapon and when combined with an initial blow from a Shotgun it becomes unstoppable. 

It also has very little recoil and you can fire rounds in rapid succession.

If you are still struggling, drop in to a Soaring 50s match and use the Pistols to finish off downed players to accrue the required damage points.

SMG Eliminations

With the current state of SMGs in Fortnite, being a well rounded and deadly class, this challenge shouldn’t be “hard”.

Keep in mind that SMGs have a much higher damage fall off compared to Assault and Sniper class weapons, but they are still effective at mid-range. So no pot shots from the top of Stunt Mountain or you will never finish this challenge. Three kills for this one guys.

Stage 1 of 3: Deal damage with Hunting Rifles to opponents

Another staged Challenge, this time for the long range weapons. We pity the players that avoid sniping, this one is going to take them a while.

Broken into the following three stages:

  • Stage 1: Deal damage with Hunting Rifles to opponents
  • Stage 2: Deal damage with Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles to opponents
  • Stage 3: Deal damage with Heavy Sniper Rifles to opponents

Not much guidance to give you other than heading to our Battle School if you need help with your Snipe Game. 

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