We Review The Videokid on PS4 in the days following the launch. Xbox and Switch players have already had their turn, now it's ours.

The VideoKid REVIEW: Inspired by Retro Arcade

Developed and Published by Pixel Trip Studios, an Indie Game Developer based in Bristol, this Retro Arcade inspired game is like a trip down memory lane for any gamer who grew up in the ’80s. Not just due to the design and the many cameo appearances, but the infuriating and crushing experience of having to play the same level over and over again.

The aim of the game is simple and yet the execution at times feels impossible. You play a young lad that needs to deliver Video’s to your customers by taking to the street on a skateboard.

In a manner that very much mirrors The Paperboy from 1989, you throw your deliveries as you cruise past the mailboxes. There are obstacles and hurdles, people and potholes that you need to avoid, all while collecting coins and scoring points. A classic Arcade-style.

While the controls are very basic; movement, jump, and throw, the game itself is very hard to master which is what I enjoyed the most about it and hated at the same time.

Reviewing this Indie title on PS4 cost $11.25 which honestly feels quite steep for a game that only offers so much. With many mobile games in existence offering just as much if not more entertainment for a smaller price tag it makes it hard to justify the purchase. 

Playing The Videokid on console just meant I didn’t have the ability to play whenever I wanted, which is not an issue with mobile games. I guess Nintendo Switch players also wouldn’t face a problem in this regard but with this game feeling more suited to a mobile device it makes it quite rare that I would opt to play this title over a more immersive game. 

If this was on my phone I have no doubt I would accumulate countless hours trying to master it.

However, don’t write this one off completely due to the price or my notes on console accessibility. There is still something of strong value to be found in this mini game, especially if you are a target for the nostalgic content found in-game.

Striking resemblance to the 1989 Atari Classic

The VideoKid has one Feature/Game Mode. What you see is what you get. Deliver as many Videos as you can and collect as many coins possible. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG

"While this retro arcade inspired Indie is fun, there is only so much time I feel I can spend playing on console. This would make a great mobile app."
VERDICT 5.3/10

The VideoKid









  • Very simple to learn the controls, smooth Gameplay with very little bugs.
  • The Retro 80's Theme is fantastic, it instantly transports me back to my childhood and all of the low resolution games I grew up with.
  • Clear layout of all features, flowing platform style with a 3D look.


  • Once you have learned the basic controls your learning curve is finished. Lacking a challenge in this field as the game progresses.
  • What you see in the trailers and the initial Gameplay is exactly what you get, and all you get. While this may be fitting for an old Arcade machine, players today are looking for a bit more content.
  • This VideoKid has an overall look and feel that seems like it would be better suited as a mobile app and not a console game.