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We are already Cyborgs according to Elon Musk, always connected to some sort of device, whether it is our phone, TV, computer, or some other device. Integrating technology into our lives completely.

Constantly finding ourselves being drawn online in every aspect of our lives, in order to make connections with just about anyone these days, we need to use social media.

So if we are using social media at an increasing rate, why not find a way to get something out of it?

Well, the creators of WebTalk had that same idea, and it seems to be picking up some momentum. They are quickly approaching 1M members

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So what is WebTalk?

You can setup a free profile here

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Just like in real life, relationships have different values and stages.

  • Connect personally, professionally, or both.
  • Add searchable tags, labels, notes and network values for your
    closest relationships and prospects.
  • Targeted Marketing and easy contacts search.

Your Website, Not Profile.

Therefore WebTalk gives you back control of your Time, Communication, Relationships, Profile, Success, Content and Privacy.

They are taking on all social media with its patent pending technology
and world class product experience.
Customizable, Responsive, Content Galleries.

Your business Swiss army knife for managing customers, staff and products.

  • Integrated eCommerce to sell your products
    White label to remove ads,
  • WebTalk header and plug in your own domain name.
  • Built-in CRM for customer communication

Never get charged to reach your own followers

Find and hire the BEST freelancers/service providers and buy products locally.
Shop and hire locally and globally.
WebTalk Verify powered search to provide the BEST verified and recommended results in your network.
Search for people, businesses, and products all recommended by people you know and trust.

Being Social Pays BIG
Invite and earn, Free Affiliate program awarding Beta users up to 50% REVENUE SHARE FOR LIFE

Complete your WebTalk profile and earn 10% revenue share for life on anyone you invite to follow/connect with you.
Beta Users Only: Refer 1 user who upgrades their free account and earn 10% revenue share for life on an entire 5 – Tier Referral Network ( up to 50% of revenue)

Get paid on advertising, Premium Feature Packages, Transaction Fees, Job Services and More.

WebTalks goal is to organize and validate the world’s information, people and businesses to create a trustworthy global virtual economy.

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A little about SocialCPX for those that have not heard about it.

SocialCPX is short for Social Commission per Exchange.
Their standalone proprietary affiliate program software awarding Beta WebTalk users with up too 50% revenue share for life.

When you invite your friends, fans, and customers to WebTalk, and WebTalk makes money from your referrals, so do you.

More information can be found at

WebTalk is recognized for the following notable achievements:

  • They were Founded in 2011 and have received over $7M in funding so far, with two different patents pending.
  • Voted TOP 100 Global Statup by Herring Magazine
  • Voted TOP10 Florida Statup for TiE Florida
  • Featured in last years Grammy Magazine
  • Featured in last years TOP 100 Innovative Companies in Tampa Bay Book.

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