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The Greatest Revival Of All Time? A Fortnite Team Miracle

Everyday thousands of Fortnite clips are uploaded online making it really hard to find the best ones to talk about. A video posted by Reddit user “gLaDyNs” caught our eye though and shows us that sometimes, even in the face of extreme adversity we can pull off the seemingly impossible.

"Michael you're not dead i'm on my way"

It is always best to land at the same location as the rest of your squad but we are all guilty of wandering too far from time to time, in most cases, our fate is sealed and we accept the risk. This player had found themself in a hairy situation and by the sound of their voice at the start of the clip they were quite ready to accept defeat for this one.

Until, breaking the silence, his teammate utters the words “Michael you’re not dead, I’m on my way.”

With that, he embarks on an extremely time-poor journey, narrowly slipping past multiple enemies before finally reaching his downed buddy and miraculously saving his life.

It seems the feat was so impressive that even one of the pursuing players had to stop and watch, a decision that saw them quickly eliminated by our Hero and Damsel In Distress.

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