The Daily Gaming News – E103

Watch Dogs Legion is rumored to be at E3 this year. Apex Legends patch notes show a long list of changes to the battle royale game.

It’s already been a busy week in the video game universe, and today was no exception. We report on rumors of Watch Dogs Legion being shown at E3.
Keep in mind this is unconfirmed at the time of recording, however, it seems like a safe bet that something will be shown, or at least discussed about Watch Dogs Legion.

We also go over some patch notes regarding today’s Apex Legends update, plus more details on the PS5, and backwards compatibility.

THQ Nordic is also rumored to be announcing three new titles over the next few days, we will keep you informed as we find out more.

Maps for the new Call of Duty will be free, The Outer Worlds is coming to E3 2019.

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Thanks for tuning in, there is always something to report from the gaming world, and we plan to be here to report it.

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