Apex Legends new weapon has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. The HAVOC rifle will arrive soon.

HAVOC Confirmed: Apex Legends New Weapon Almost Here.

It’s been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment that a new weapon will be released in Apex Legends, HAVOC is on it’s way to the battlefield.

New modes have been leaked for Apex Legends and hint at a survival mode.

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Apex Legends Heirloom information and leaks regarding new modes coming to Apex.

Handy Peacekeeper tip that can be used with the Triple Take rifle in Apex Legends.

Peacekeeper Tip: Apex Legends Secret

You could easily miss this little Apex Legends secret if you weren’t paying attention. The Peacekeeper and Triple Take have some hidden power.

Apex Legends leaks have emerged, giving us some information on new weapons that could be coming to the game.

New Apex Legends Weapons Leaked

New Apex Legends weapons have been leaked by data miners along with statistics. Find out about the Apex Legends leak, and what to expect.

All the weapons that we know about in Apex Legends, with their stats.

Apex Legends: Best Weapons & Busted Guns

Knowing your weapon is just as important as knowing your Legend’s ultimate ability. We have put together a list of weapons found in Apex Legends to help give you the advantage.