PUBG: Platform Comparison for Console and Mobile

Loot Reviews Gaming welcomes Elgreegsio to the Writer’s Team. To kick things off he brings you a PUBG comparison for Mobile and PS4.

We Review The Videokid on PS4 in the days following the launch. Xbox and Switch players have already had their turn, now it's ours.

The VideoKid Review: Inspired by Retro Arcade

The Videokid 80’s Edition is an Arcade Style Skate game that takes place in a retro neighborhood. Deliver Videos to your Customers and go meet up with Jessica. But look out, Danger is everywhere.


SOMA: Initial Review

SOMA – A Horror Puzzler It’s no wonder that players are given the option to embark on their SOMA journey in Safe-Mode. The game is freaky as hell. You play as Simon Jarrett, who is […]

game review of switchblade by lucid games

Switchblade Review: High Octane Competition

Switchblade was developed by Lucid Games and released exclusively on PS4 and Steam. It’s still in the early days so let’s tear it apart and see what it’s all about.

brawlhalla tips, overview and gameplay

Brawlhalla: Holla!

Brawlhalla has been on the scene for quite a while now, but the developers are still giving us fans new content to play with, check it out here.

the fortnite fortnightly podcast, fortnite podcast episodes. gaming podcast

E006 The Fortnite Fortnightly Podcast – Portal Predictions With TheChiporpoise

This week our guest sheds some light on their remarkable prediction regarding the new Portals below Wailing Woods. Plus a breakdown of the recent v6.30 patch and what it means for us players.

fortnite patch notes v6.30, how your game will change after the patch

Fortnite v6.30 Patch Notes And How Your Game Will Change

Fortnite Season 6 Week 7 is drawing to an end and as usual that means an update. Find out how the v6.30 patch will affect your average game.

PlayStation 4 Pro limited edition

From the original PlayStation, PS2, PSP, PSP Go, PS3, PS Vita, PS Vita TV and most recently PlayStation 4, over 500 million PlayStation consoles have been sold, worldwide – all thanks to you. Available from 24 […]