Tacticool Review – Mobile Team Battles

Tacticool is a Top-Down Mobile Battlefield developed by Panzerdog, and available in early access. Loot Reviews Gaming check it out in the Tacticool Review.

Meet Tacticool! Brand new fast-paced 5vs5 multiplayer shooter, that will keep your eyes glued to the screen! Build up your own way of getting rid of the enemies by running them over with a car, playing with physics or simply shooting them. And you have only one minute to kill them all! Pick your gun and start a fight!

Quick brain reset because after reviewing Brawl Stars recently I needed something a little more adult. Let’s face it, I can’t play a game just once for a review and occasionally this means getting a bit hooked on them throughout the analysis stage. Moving on to Tacticool seemed like a good transition due to the same Top-Down style gameplay and quick tempo.

Developed by Panzerdog, the team behind another great Mobile title Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf, this mobile battlefield contains enough explosive action to keep you coming back for more.

Tacticool is available as a cross platform mobile battlefield, play with friends or compete solo.

The official website for Tacticool doesn’t go over all the features of the game, leaving the player to discover them in game.

I have mentioned before that I believe overdoing it with tutorials and in-game instructions can be a little much, and takes away from the overall enjoyment of playing, and Tacticool’s development team seems to agree.

The controls are smooth, with the left button being the standard movement, and right side, the aim. But, as you would know from my previous comment, there is no Fire button, instead, your Operator will automatically fire at enemies while aiming at them, leaving your fingers free to strafe, reload, dodge, and use your special item.

Features include:

  • An array of weapons with customization options and upgrades.
  • Multiple Maps to wreak havoc on.
  • Vehicles with attached artillery.
  • Daily Rewards.
  • Multiplayer battles.
  • In-game currency used to purchase Crates, Operators and more.
  • Cross-Platform play, team up or battle against other players on any device.

Editing your loadout gives you the option to change your Primary and Secondary Weapon as well as a Special, such as Impact Grenades, Mines and Smoke Grenades. Players can also find a list of Operators of varying rarity that can be selected as they become available through leveling up and gaining XP.

With cross-platform play available, you can team up with friends and get competitive. In fact, this title may be appearing in our weekly Discord Competition in the near future, but shhh.

A solid rating for this one, and well earned. While there are many extra features that could make Tacticool even more immersive, Panzerdog has done a great job of keeping the experience clean, and free of the constant ‘sales pitch’ marketing to drum up revenue.

Now excuse me, I have some frags to throw, and some moneybags to heist.

"I have always thought that the absence of a Firing button/key was a severely flawed feature, until now."
VERDICT 8.9/10

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