Starvox Review – An Endless Journey Through Space

Starvox Review - An Endless Journey Through Space

out of 10

Starvox is a fantastic little game for mobile, where you are traversing through an asteroid field.  The aim of the game is to weave past space debris and other spaceships, and collect as many gold coins as possible.”


Starvox is an old school looking runner style game, which I compare to Han Solo cruising the Millennium Falcon through asteroid fields and dodging imperial destroyers.

It’s a challenging yet addictive project, with hours of fun bundled into a relatively tiny download.  At just 45mbs, and no cost on the Google play store – you can literally have endless fun for nothing but a sliver of storage space. 

So what are the cons of this wee gem?

Well, it’s a little basic.  At the end of the day, you are dodging asteroids.  there is no storyline and no save progression.  But I mean its a small free game, how much can you really expect. This isn’t Star Fox, which some of you will remember from the N64.  It’s a never-ending mission through space.

We’ve had a think here at Loot reviews Gaming and we reckon there isn’t much the developers Cormorant need to do here.  The game itself is addictive, there are online leader boards through the play store and there are 12 ships to unlock. There’s even a retro style coin slot machine to help you collect enough to unlock the various ships you have to choose from.

Maybe some more animations on the asteroids? For a small, completely free game that’s still in early access, it sure has a bright future!

"An ideal game for that dull work commute, traveling or if you just love the challenge of trying to beat your high score"

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