Stardust Battle Review – Mobile Arena

Stardust Battle is a mobile arena-style game that is available in early access on mobile from Playstack.

Stardust Battle Review - Mobile Arena

Stardust Battle is an arena-style game currently under development by Playstack and available in early access. LRGaming checks it out in a Stardust Battle Review.

“Stardust Battle is a mobile arena-style game currently under development by Playstack, it’s available in Early Access on mobile.”

When it comes to battling it out on mobile there are a few extra factors that I take into consideration before deciding on a rating. 

  • Control Interface
  • Battery Consumption
  • Load Time

Now these aren’t necessarily a deal breaker, but they 100% influence my final decision. Stardust Battle, despite being in Early Access and unreleased status, don’t struggle to impress in each of these areas.

The Controls are straightforward and easy to remember, much like the recent experience I found in Brawl Stars, in fact, when I think about it there are a lot of similarities between the two. Right down to the initial tutorial, laid out in the exact same manner.

Both have you following a waypoint marker to learn the movement controls, aim and release style attack practice againt a few stationary foes, and finally take out a “boss” with your special attack before finishing the initial training.

Normaly, having similarites would mean a severe downvote in our ranking but due to how much damn fun both games are I can’t bring myself to stoop any lower than the given score of 8.0

Moving on to the Battery Consumption; In the couple of hours I tested Stardust, I saw the battery of my Samsung Galaxy s6 ( good for testing) drop from 92% to 55%. 

Most multiplayer battlers that I’ve had the pleasure of grinding away have demostrated an average battery loss of 1% per minute, meaning Stardust is by far an easier game to play when on the go.

And finally the Load Time: Considering for a moment that Stardust Battle is new and not yet polished off with a Social following of only a few hundred players, it is extraordinary that the load time is as small as it is.

I was playing from Australia around midday, a time which would normally be a struggle to find a good match on the sleepy North American or European Servers, and I don’t think I waited any longer than 60 seconds to find a match.

"I can see myself getting very caught up in Stardust Battle, it's easy to play and has plenty of room for competition."

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