Squishies – You Either Love em’ or Hate em’

I thought it was time we had a quick look into the craze that is “Squishies” and see what the fuss is about.

Read on to see what I found out. Or Jump over to the store and grab some.

I had been seeing Squishies popping up quite a lot, and had also seen a lot of questions floating around about them. So I figured it might be time to break these things down.

I started by typing a few questions into Google to see the sort of things people were asking. And a found a few questions that had been asked a lot.

Such as:

“What are Squishies?”
“What are Squishies made from?”
“Which stores sell Squishies?”
“Who invented Squishies?”
“Are Squishies toxic?”
“Who makes Squishies?”
“Where to buy Squishies?”
“Why are Squishies so popular?”

And that is just the Top 8 most asked questions. There were thousands more with people asking about things like Dr Squish, who I had to Google, and Squishies vs Slime and Squishies vs Real Food.

So clearly this is a Culture and not just a little kids toy. And after stumbling on to the videos below I can see why. Do you want to check out some more? Try here.


The Second Video by Youtuber Moriah Elizabeth, who just hit 1M Subscribers (Congratulations), has accumulated over 2M views in 3 days. 

These things are blowing up at the moment. Despite being in the media spotlight at the moment for negative reasons.

There have been reported cases of toxic products being seized, however this was to be expected due to it being such a trending product. As with anything that gains popularity quickly, there will be dodgy ones on the market. Remember fidget spinners? 

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency tested 12 squishies and found that they all release unacceptable levels of harmful substances, such as dimethylformamide, leading to their removal from the Danish market and the recommendation that all squishies be discarded and that they can safely be disposed as household waste. But experts reviewed that issue and the provided information was not sufficient to verify that information. In that certain case a very general concern was raised without giving exact values

This does not mean that you shouldn’t buy Squishies, not at all, it just means you should make sure they have a brand behind them or are sold on a platform that you trust.

“Squishies are on their way to becoming the next big toy craze in the US, according to toy-store owners interviewed by New York Magazine and the New York Times.” – Lauren Schwartzberg of New York magazine

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