SOMA - A Horror Puzzler

It’s no wonder that players are given the option to embark on their SOMA journey in Safe-Mode. The game is freaky as hell.

You play as Simon Jarrett, who is trapped in a strange facility called Upsilon, a section of PATHOS-2. 

Simon, who was in a critical condition following a car accident that claimed the life of his close friend Ashley, miraculously survives. As part of his recovery, and to examine his brain for any possible damage caused by the accident, Simon is booked in to meet with Dr. Munshi.

We start the game by exploring Simon’s apartment prior to leaving for the appointment. This is a good opportunity to become familiar with the controls and movement, not the smoothest feature of the game at first, but with some practice, you will be picking up coffee mugs and tidying up after yourself in no time.

From there, we move out of Simon’s home and head to the meeting with Dr. Munshi. Only instead of the setting being a Hospital or Specialist Room, we find ourselves in an under construction office space where we are greeted by MR. Munshi. Curve ball.

Despite the unprofessional setup, and the underqualified Physician, you agree to continue with the experimental brain scans.

So, clearly Simon’s a f#@king moron at this point.

During the scan, Simon seems to black out, and when he regains consciousness finds himself no longer in Toronto Toto, but instead in the underwater Upsilon facility.

Confused, and surrounded by Monsters and dead bodies – You must figure out what’s going on and get out.

First 2 Hours of Gameplay & Initial Verdict

"I'm bloody terrified of Horror Games, but I can't wait to play more."

Don't Forget To Thank The Bus Driver