Zombie Mango Cupcake Kittens! A brief look into the art of SEO

Ok so I want to get one thing straight. SEO is not easy, despite what a lot of promotions and advertisers say when shoving their newest SEO tools in your face.

It was never meant to be easy, if it was, a bunch of 12 year old children would be ranking on the first page of google with blogs about their Fortnite stats. 

The truth of the matter is that anything with a good payoff requires a lot of hard work and time. And SEO is a good example of that. 

If you want to make it onto the first page of Google just for the sake of it, well that’s easy. You can simply create a page about something completely random and drawn out, like ‘zombie mango cupcake kittens’. If someone was to Google something very similar to that exact term, well, you would then appear on the first page. 

But that is not practical idiot! 

Who the hell is going to continue to post relevant content to a page like that in the hopes that one day it becomes a popular search phrase?

Instead, the uphill rollerskating that we need to endure with SEO, is constantly producing quality, relevant and interesting content.

For example, right now I am writing a blog post about SEO and SEO tools, knowing full well that it is a topic that has been covered millions of times, by sites with MUCH higher traffic, so there is no chance that this post will ever end up on the front page unless I was to continue to write about the topic and attract more attention through back links and posting across many different mediums.

But even then, it would be a long process. Nothing would happen for quite some time, leading most people to either give up on trying to rank higher, or moving on to a different subject.

So while it may be tempting to click on an advertisement that promises instant results with top ranking content, I assure you there is no magic formula for this.

I am not going to write a massive article about all the ways you can rank higher if you are willing to put the effort in. That has been done before, and while I am an ambassador for one of the websites I am going to share with you, I will point out that it is free to use, so unless you are a large business clicking on my link and then going on to spend big dollars on a premium plan, I won’t be making a dime. So, with that in mind, please have a look at the sites below because they have helped me to get my head around what is needed to rank higher, leading to more traffic to my online store. 

The only accounts that I have tested are the free ones, and with the good results I have seen I would imagine the paid plans to be great, but that is not something I can really comment on


First up.

Now this one is my favorite, only because I am a dullard and before researching SEO knew very little about the subject. In fact, I assumed that if you wrote a post that contained the same keyword enough times, that it would ensure your ranking improved….WRONG.

KWFinder   – or  KeyWord Finder is a very simple yet powerful online tool. What it does is provide a difficulty rating when you search a keyword. So let’s just say you wanted to find a topic that has not been over discussed, but is still something people are talking about. Well this is the tool for that.

Let’s use my Zombie Mango Cupcake Kitten example again as we already know it is a BRAND NEW subject lol.

Here you can see the result I got when typing it in.

Using Free Account

As you can see, Zombie Mango Cupcake Kitten meets very little resistance. The only reason it received a KWfinder score of 38 is because of the popularity of each individual word in the phrase. But when it is put together as a whole, it becomes quite unique and thus ranks higher when searched.

Using Free Account

In the image above, you can see the sites that are creating the push back that leads to a difficulty score of 38. These sites have content that is relevant to Zombie Mango Cupcake Kittens, if I were to guess, I would say that is because they have some Zombie Cupcake recipes, Mango Cupcake recipes, and perhaps even a Kitten themed cupcake recipe. The reason I assume that is just using common sense, clearly the sites listed are related to baking and recipes. Two and Two is Four dumb-butt.

That being said, this information just tells us that we would need to make sure we had regular content that was relevant, being uploaded with SEO alt text etc in order to move up through the ranks with any of the individual words.

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Using Free Version

In the above image you can see that Zombie Mango Cupcake Kittens (great name for a heavy metal band btw) has zero trend data, zero searches per month, no Cost Per Click advertising stats and so on. Whereas the word Dream, is searched over half a million times per month on average.

With just these 2 pieces of data, we can already determine whether or not that particular keyword or phrase is something worth pursuing if you are hoping to monetize your content.

If the difficulty level means more work than you are willing to put in, you can bail. If the keyword or phrase is not searched for, you might also want to bail. There is no point answering a question that nobody is asking.

So that is my favorite free tool to use when trying to come up with some fresh content ideas. So simple to use, but it can save you wasting a lot of time focusing on a dud topic.

If you want to check it out follow the link, and remember, I have only tried the free account.

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