Season 6 Week 1 Recap

One week down! let's have a look at what we've learned​.

Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 started off strong wouldn’t you say people?

For starters, there is a friggin’ island floating around on top of a purple tornado of inter-dimensional lightning wind.
So at first glance we were all pretty bloody intrigued.

Just about every player exited the battle bus at the same time and started tracking towards Loot Island. Most managed to land either around the lake house or the newly exposed parts of earth, that had previously been submerged, but now stretched out around the island containing multiple chest spawns. 

Some were not quite able to make it to the Island but before getting a chance to turn and press on to another location they were swept up into the air by the surging tornado. I think we will have some fun with this new novelty. 

Spotted around the map are the Corrupted Areas that Kevin the Cube had visited in Season 5, only now they contain a new edition to the game that ties in perfectly with a Halloween theme: Shadow Stones. Much like the Hop Rocks scattered by the Meteor in season 4, these stones have made an appearance for what is most likely just the rest of the current season.

Shadow Stones are a consumable item that transform the player into “Shadow Form”, a ghost like state that is difficult to see, can phase shift through objects, and move at greater speed.

While in Shadow Form the player cannot use weapons but can easily sneak up on an enemy or retreat silently. The phase lasts for 45 seconds which is enough to cover a lot of ground if you were running from the Storm for instance.

The stones were quickly removed from the game after the launch of season 6 due to an issue which saw some players having no time limit set on the Shadow Stones, or being able to phase shift beyond the borders of the map. After several days of investigation and a quick patch, the stones were introduced back into the game for us to make good use of, and lot’s of hilarious videos.

So the Island might be the main change, but there are many other differences to go over.

There have been no changes to the game modes as of yet, but there is plenty of room for speculation over the types of Halloween themed game modes that could be introduced.

  • Pickup a Legendary Item in different matches (0/3). 5 Battle Stars
  • Regain health from a Cozy Campfire (150). 5 Battle Stars
  • Search Chests – HARD (0/3). 10 Battle Stars
  • Apply shields (0/500). 5 Battle Stars
  • Land at Junk Junction (0/3). 5 Battle Points
  • Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights (0/7) – HARD. 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate opponents in different named locations – HARD (0/5). 10 Battle Stars

First Release Skins Are On Point

By far the cutest feature to be introduced to Fortnite: PETS – Drop into the fight of your life with your best buddy by your side. They react to different circumstances and will stick with you until the bitter end.

Map Changes Week One

There were many changes to our beloved Island at the commencement of the Season. But should we get comfortable with them yet? Or will the cube continue to alter the landscape as it makes it’s way around the map?

Situated on top of the mountain overlooking Haunted Hills, this spooky spot is great for close quarters battle and is home to plenty of new loot chests.

Just North of Lazy Links you will find a Metal 1 x 1 Shack near the coastline. Inside you will find a chest or two. Thanks mystery shack.

You can probably think of 100 horror movies involving a corn field, that’s because it is the last place you want to be when you need to use all of your senses. Fatal Fields new harvest is perfect for hiding, or putting a sneaky floor trap down.

Each of the three new cabins hold a secret in their basements. Try to break through any bookshelves you see, some of them are hiding doorways to secret rooms. Each cabin has an unfinished tunnel in their basement. Maybe they will expand as the season goes on?

Season 6 is really pushing Wailing Woods to be something greater. The small shack at the center of the hedge maze received a huge upgrade. On the outside it looks fairly the same until you realize there is a hole leading underground beneath the shack. Breaking through the floor and then another wall will lead you into a secret bunker where a rift is apparently being experimented on.

The Eastern most building at Retail Row is no longer an empty space. It is now stocked with Halloween decorations, new loot chests and even a Witch to scare you on the way in.

Weapon Changes

  • Vaulted Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives.
    • All of the weapons/items added to the Vault in patch v6.0 will currently remain available in Playgrounds.
  • Added momentum functionality to Grapplers. When hitting a moving object (vehicle, player), its momentum will be added to your launch force.
    • This only happens when the momentum would be a net gain, you cannot lose momentum.
  • Grappler charges reduced from 15 to 10.
  • Double Barrel damage reduced from 143/150 to 114/120.
  • Reduced Dual Pistol floor loot drop chance from 1.49% to 0.88%
  • Custom Controller Bindings
    • Choosing your configuration has changed to a selector on the left side of the menu.
      • After selecting Custom, the right side of the menu becomes buttons that are selectable. When a button is clicked, it opens a list of actions that can be assigned to that button.
      • Mode selection (Combat, Build) has changed to selectable by triggers. When in either Combat or Build mode, the actions for that mode and the actions that span between modes will appear in the “ctions list” to select from.
  • Console – Input-Based Matchmaking
    • Players using a keyboard and mouse on PS4 will now be put into the PC matchmaking pool.
    • Start matchmaking with your preferred input device. You will be queued with the input type you press the “Play” or “Ready” button with.
      • If you start matchmaking with a keyboard and mouse, then you’ll be queued in the PC matchmaking pool. However, you’ll be able to switch to a controller mid-match if you’d like.
      • If you start matchmaking with a controller, then you’ll remain in your platforms normal queue. However, you’ll be unable to switch to a keyboard and mouse mid-match.
    • PC players are unaffected by this change. If you use a controller on PC then you’ll remain in the PC matchmaking queue.
  • Storm Circle Changes
    • Safe Zone 4
      • Wait time reduced from 90 seconds to 80 seconds
      • Shrink time increased from 60 seconds to 70 seconds
    • Safe Zone 5
      • Wait time reduced from 90 seconds to 70 seconds
      • Shrink time increased from 40 seconds to 60 seconds
    • Safe Zone 6
      • Wait time reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
      • Shrink time increased from 30 seconds to 60
    • Safe Zone 7
      • Wait time reduced from 45 seconds to 20 seconds
      • Shrink time increased from 25 seconds to 50 seconds
      • Radius increased from 1250 to 1650
    • Safe Zone 8
      • Wait time reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
      • Shrink time increased from 25 seconds to 40 seconds
      • Radius increased from 625 to 1090
    • Safe Zone 9
      • Wait time reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
      • Shrink time increased from 25 seconds to 40 seconds
    • Moving Safe Zone circles in the late game now move 50% further from the previous safe zone.
  • Moved the ATK horn to down on the D-pad to allow for autorun.
  • Traps can no longer be placed on wire fences.

Bug Fixes

  • Increased the precision and frequency of rotation values sent over the network so that changes to other player rotations and aim direction appear to be smoother.
  • Improvements made to prevent players from appearing to have jittery movement, especially during skydiving.
    • Caused by incorrect acceleration values being sent over the network.
    • This was also sometimes causing other players to appear to be using the wrong skydiving animation.


  • Optimized texture binding rendering code on Switch. This improved CPU and GPU performance, resulting in smoother gameplay and higher resolution rendering.
  • Optimized performance when many players are on screen.
  • Game thread optimizations
    • Optimized movement for supply drops.
  • Improved performance and memory for Android devices running Vulkan.
    • This affects the S9+ Adreno, Note 9 Adreno variants.
  • Memory optimizations for mobile to reduce the chance of encountering low performance when many apps are in the background


  • Players will now have an option in the Locker to select their preferred music choice. Unlock new music from the Season 6 Battle Pass.
  • Changed the processing of footsteps to add more contrast between above/below. Below steps now sound more “echoey” like they’re coming from the basement.
    • Footsteps will decrease in pitch the farther they are below you, and increase in pitch the higher they are above you.
    • The volume of footsteps blocked by terrain, buildings, or player built structures has been increased slightly.
    • Find more information on footstep audio updates here.
  • Increased the distance that you can hear open/close Glider sounds.
  • Increased the audio range for players skydiving to match that of players gliding.
  • Added a doppler pitch effect to the gliding audio.
    • This creates that “car pass by” effect as players fly overhead.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed and added audio for the Plunja and Tat Axe pickaxes on mobile and Switch platforms.


  • Updated the Locker layout to fit more item types.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed trailing periods and added “the” in the appropriate place in the privacy screen.
  • The display of the purchase button area in the Battle Pass screen will no longer briefly show incorrect information on first entry.
  • Challenge headers will no longer show the wrong category name and style after scrolling.

Art + Animation

  • Added improvements to Storm visualization, including rain & lightning effects which will increase as the Storm intensifies.

Bug Fixes

  • A minor visual change has been made to the mesh shirt underneath the arms of the Power Chord Outfit.
    • This is to fix visual issues caused by the mesh shirt during certain animations and emotes.

Replay System

  • Replay playback speed can now be adjusted with a controller when the replay HUD is hidden.
  • Moved “High-Quality FX” flag to Lens settings, and automatically hide certain aperture & focus settings if the depth of field effect isn’t active.
  • Replays now correctly use the movement keys set in the Input settings.
  • Inverted the default direction of the third person camera to make the controls consistent with all the other cameras.

Bug Fixes

  • The third person camera now works with the inverted Y axis option.
  • Alt will no longer open the inventory screen while in a replay.
  • The “Skip Forward” button will no longer stop working during a paused replay.
  • Health bars no longer incorrectly animate when enabled while in replays.
  • Health bars no longer turn green when a downed player is eliminated.
  • Replay follow cameras no longer change targets every time the timeline changes or refreshes.
  • The drone attach camera position is now correct after the timeline has reset/refreshed.


  • Item tooltips in-game will now display more consistently.

Bug Fixes

  • The Guided Rocket turn rate is now consistent with other platforms.
  • Touch controls on the map will now function correctly.
  • Video settings now display correctly on the Note 9.


6.0 Save The World


  • Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on your Epic account will now grant the following rewards in Save the World:*50 Armory Slots
    • 10 Backpack Slots
    • 1 Legendary Troll Stash Llama
  • Level-up and evolve your favorite items during the Cram Session mini-event!
    • Mini-Boss Mission Alerts are active, and up to 10 can be completed per day.
    • For the duration of the event, Mini-Boss Mission Alerts will drop two XP, Evolution Material, RE-Perk, or Perk-UP rewards instead of one.
    • Mini-Boss Mission Alerts will drop Gold instead of Tickets.
    • Mini-Boss Mission Alerts will not drop Heroes, Schematics, Survivors, Mini-Llamas, Transform Keys or V-Bucks during this event.
    • Added four quest lines, each of which has ten stages that grant increasingly better one-time rewards upon completion. (Hero/Schematic/Survivor XP, Evolution Materials, PERK-UPs, or Gold).
    • Has repeatable quests that award Elemental PERK-UPs , RE-PERKs, and Evolution Materials.
  • XP and Evolution Materials granted by Mini-Boss Mission Alerts will now scale up more smoothly with mission difficulty.


  • Fixed a hitch when equipping an ability that uses a placement indicator.
  • Fixed a hitch when the pickup message appears.
  • Fixed a hitch caused by equipped item widget.
  • Fixed a hitch related to hero feedback audio.
  • Fixed a hitch in the initial tutorial level.
  • Fixed a hitch during the first storm shield defense.

100 Tiers Stocked And Ready

TBattle PassFree Pass
1– Calamity (Outfit)
– DJ Yonder (Outfit)
– 50% Combo XP Boost (entire season)
– Battle Pass Challenges
2– 10% Personal XP Boost (Add on)
– 5x Free Tiers (for next season)
Spiderweb (Spray)
3Pickaxe (Banner Icon) 
4100x V-BucksCalamity (Loading Screen)
5Bang! (Emoticon) 
6Calamity (Spray)Regal Wave (Emote)
7Picnic (Glider) 
8Campfire (Banner Icon)Battle Bus (Emoticon)
95% Friend XP Boost (Add on) 
10Emoticons! (Loading Screen) 
11100x V-BucksLoot Lake Island (Banner Icon)
12Bonsey (Pet) 
13Squeaky Clean (Music) 
14Ghost (Banner Icon)Fabled Cape (Back Bling)
15Smash Up (Harvesting Tool) 
16GG Potion (Emoticon) 
1710% Personal XP Boost (Add on) 
18100x V-Bucks100x V-Bucks
19Exhause (Contrail) 
20Meow Moon (Spray) 
21Pastel Patrol (Loading Screen) 
22Zig Zag (Banner Icon)Crossfire (Glider)
23Giddy-Up (Outfit) 
245% Friend XP Boost (Add on) 
25DJ Yonder (Loading Screen) 
26Plunder (Emoticon)GG Potion (Spray)
27100x V-Bucks 
28Tomato (Toy) 
29Camo (Pet) 
30Manhole Cover (Spray)Guiding Glow (Harvesting Tool)
31Running Man (Emote) 
32Dice Blocks (Banner Icon) 
3310% Personal XP Boost (Add on) 
34Valkyrie (Loading Screen)100x V-Bucks
35100x V-Bucks 
36Fireflies (Contrail) 
37Llama De Muertos (Spray) 
38Camper (Emoticon)Waveform (Back Bling)
39Covered Crusader (Glider) 
40DJ Yonder (Spray) 
415% Friend XP Boost (Add on) 
42100x V-BucksHands (Emoticon)
43Scales (Pet) 
44Fate (Loading Screen) 
451,000x Season XP 
46Ghost (Emoticon)It’s Go Time! (Emote)
47Fable (Outfit) 
48Wallcrawler (Spray) 
4910% Personal XP Boost (Add on) 
50Lightning (Banner Icon)Supply Llama (Loading Screen)
51100x V-Bucks 
521,000x Season XP 
53Eerie (Music) 
54Cactus Maze (Spray)Jack -O-Lantern (Contrail)
55Dusk Wings (Back Bling) 
56Bat (Banner Icon) 
575% Friend XP Boost (Add on) 
58100x V-BucksToilet Paper (Emoticon)
59Bonsey – White (Pet) 
60Tomato Temple (Loading Screen) 
611,000x Season XP 
62Checkered Pattern (Banner Icon)Game Over (Spray)
63Slithern’ (Emote) 
6410% Personal XP Boost (Add on) 
65Chompmasters (Loading Screen) 
66Meeet (Emoticon) 
671,000x Season XP 
68Bats! (Contrail) 
69Bubbles (Banner Icon) 
70100x V-Bucks 
71Dusk (Outfit) 
72Gremlins (Spray) 
735% Friend XP Boost (Add on) 
74Scales – Pink (Pet) 
75100x V-Bucks 
76Fancy Tomato (Toy) 
77Gnat (Banner Icon) 
78Dusk (Loading Screen) 
79Swarm (Glider) 
80Oni (Spray) 
8110% Personal XP Boost (Add on) 
82Skeleton (Banner Icon) 
83Spectral Essence (Contrail) 
84Ravage (Loading Screen) 
85100x V-Bucks 
86Nightshade (Outfit) 
87Night Cloak (Back Bling) 
885% Friend XP Boost (Add on) 
89Pixel Raven (Spary) 
90Bonset – Mocha (Pet) 
91100x V-Bucks 
92OG – Remix (Music) 
93Dire (Loading Screen) 
94Clown (Emoticon) 
95Flamenco (Emote) 
9610% Personal XP Boost (Add on) 
97100x V-Bucks 
98Scales – Black (Pet) 
99Dire (Spray) 
100– Dire (Outfit)
– Dire Challenges