Portals emerge in Wailing Woods

In the Fortnite Community today there aren’t many secrets when it comes to anything significant going on in the game.

So it came as quite a surprise to most of us when it was discovered that Portals had emerged beneath Wailing Woods, where it had previously been thought a system of tunnels would be created.

This interesting little gem raises so many questions and pours fuel on the flames of the Bunker mystery.

Are we about to see a conclusion to these strange events, spread out over the past three seasons? Or is this just another small teaser in a long line of misdirection and intrigue?

One thing is for certain, we can put to rest questions like:
“Where do the tunnels under Wailing Woods Go?”
Now we know.

One Reddit user formed an interesting theory back in October, regarding the plan for the unfinished tunnel network.

This theory turned out to be incredibly accurate leading us to question how closely Epic are listening to players and fans. Are they planning their story-line in advance, or scanning the social platforms for ideas and executing them?

Jet Propelled Skateboard

Jet Propelled Skateboard

Jet Propelled Skateboard

Are you listening Epic?

check out the theory from reddit user TheChiporpoise

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