No one said it would be easy – Why my business isn’t making money.

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It’s one thing if I fail while trying to do something that only benefits myself, No loss no gain right?

But failing to so something intended to benefit  many others would be crushing.

So I won’t be letting that happen.

This past month has been very trying, I have had to do a complete re-evaluation of how I want to approach and execute my new business model which has led to a lot of late nights and a lot of hard work. 

Effort I certainly could have avoided if I had known more in the beginning. But alas, I knew nothing so it was an essential lesson.

The original idea was to have an online store selling an assortment of bargain products, and have that be the source of income to keep the wheels turning. And that would free up my time to focus on building my brand up (supplements, books, self improvement) which is what I am passionate about.

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Having no niche focus just meant visitors to the store had no real way of deciding what they were looking for, leading to them jumping off site very quickly.

Add to that the over-priced stock from my wholesale supplier and there was really no chance of getting any substantial sales figures.

So what should I do?

Dig my heels in and start aggressively marketing my store? Or fill every inch of my site with affiliate promotions in the hopes of capturing a few customers? 

Probably best to take a step back and look at this thing again. So in a moment of clarity I began to work on a new plan and figure out how to start making money online. But this time I think I have a fighting chance of making it work.
For starters, one of the main issues that was easy to tackle was the abundance of products that didn’t seem to follow a core theme or value. So they are gone, deleted. This part actually took about half a day, slowly going through each of the 3500+ items strewn across my page.

Once they were gone, I had a clean slate for the store, but the rest of the website still had no theme and quite frankly was ugly, boring and simple.

Fast forward another half day, and we now have a site that is responsive, clean and focused on a single message – To Motivate, Inspire and Educate. 

MRF Brain + Body was born.

The Home page now contains only 3 aspects, they are:

  • Featured Products
  • About Us
  • Eye-Catching Image

Having so little on the front page means there is nothing to distract visitors which is important, especially if the visitor has come to the site with the intention of finding out more about products they have seen discussed in a forum or posted in a social ad campaign. Distractions make them lose focus. If they lose focus, you lose the sale.

Venturing further from the home page there is the Store, A feed from, and a page called Expand which is the section devoted to helping people to change their lives. 

Expand is the central nervous system of MRF Brain + Body. It is where visitors will find information and resources that will assist them in their journey of Self Improvement, both free and paid. 
It is where I will ultimately be showcasing my own program when it is ready to be launched. So more on that in a later update.

There is one problem though.

You see, in the rush to erase all of the crap, the useless or unrelated products, I didn’t leave enough there to keep the store active.
There is some gym equipment and a few bits and pieces of Active wear but apart from that it was bare.

I hadn’t even begun to contact wholesalers in order to apply for reselling permission. So like a bat out of Hell, I began my research and quickly formed a list of the best Wholesalers that are available to me and also offer some flexibility with order fulfillment, ie; Drop Shipping.

Unfortunately, this was all occurring on Thursday and I didn’t get my Supplier locked in before close of business on Friday, fingers crossed it will be confirmed on Monday so the new products can be added to the store and we will be open for business again. Products to be added include Supplements, Apparel and Health Foods.

What tips do I have for the new starter?

Make sure you build a brand. Rather than just promoting every product or link that you think is of any value, choose your niche and really develop your plan around that.

Not only does this make marketing easier given that you know exactly who your audience is, but it also makes it easier for you to establish yourself within that niche market. 

Focus on quality and refine your brand before getting started. One thing that I wish I had avoided was trying to promote my ideas and affiliate products before gaining any sort of following. 
In the early days I was pounding the pavement so-to-speak when I should have been desk bound. So make sure you know what your end goal is before setting off on this journey, or you will end up going the way of many before us, and giving up.

I will be writing another update on the Development of my business and will go into a lot more detail regarding the affiliate marketing in a separate article.

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