New Apex Legends Character Leaked Again

New Apex Legends character Prophet found in the game's files, this time data miners have found evidence of an apparent precog.
The idea of a new Apex Legends character or two is seeming more likely, with another leak from data miners.

It has since been reported that Octane and Wattson will be rolled out at the end of March, but another Legend has been uncovered by these attentive investigators.

Prophet will apparently have an ability called Precog, assumed to be an abbreviation for precognition which raises questions as to what the character will be capable of doing.

While Apex Legends already features Bloodhound’s Eye Of The Allfather skill which will show you enemy movements from the past in tracker-like fashion.

So, adding a new Apex Legends character that can do something related to foresight makes sense.

Perhaps they will be able to see where the final circle will be, or more likely where a supply drop will land.

Either way, Respawn Entertainment will need to be sure the new legends added are balanced, and don’t impact any stage of the match too heavily. This is certainly no small task, with so many players moving freely around a map as large as King’s Canyon, collectively making an insurmountable number of choices.

It would be astounding to see how each new legend is tested before release.

This information is unconfirmed at this time, so we will have to wait to find out when Prophet is coming to Apex Legends, or if they ever do. If only we could see into the future, what’s that skill called again?

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