Mounted Turret Coming Soon To Fortnite

Fortnite players are greeted with a News message right now announcing the soon-to-be-released Mounted Turret leading us to question whether or not an aerial combat style is about to be introduced to the game. 

fortnite news, mounted turret coming soon to fortnite

These questions are certainly validated by the fact we had leaks emerge last week of a new Vehicle file being found titled Bumble”, which sounded very much like an aircraft of some sort.

boogie bomber bumble concept

In typical Loot Reviews fashion let us now try to paint a picture of what we imagine this all means.

Over the last 7 weeks there have been quite a few changes made that have forced players to spend more time in the air. We have been experimenting with the Glider Redeploy feature for a couple of weeks now, Balloons were added in last weeks update, the Grappler was given to us early on in the season and the icing on the cake so to speak was the giant fricken Floating Island that we had until not too long ago.

All of these additions had one thing in common that we can all agree on, they forced players to spend more time in the air which in turn forced us to come up with new strategies in order to survive in a battle. Yes, I know the Floating Island is no more but it was the main attraction and the first change that saw players spending extended amounts of time buzzing around like flies waiting to be swatted.

Are the Mounted Turret and "Bumble" file connected?

It is very exciting to think of all the possible opportunities this connection would create and it would make sense as to why we were primed for aerial combat.

Imagine taking the high ground as you are approaching the last 3 storm circles, you know you have the advantage and are sweeping the landscape with your eyes peeled looking for one of the few remaining opponents when all of a sudden some ridiculous looking Fortnite Flying Machine swoops overhead dropping a payload of hilariously named explosives. It is not a far-fetched idea considering what Fortnite has provided in the past. It would surely make you want to get to the nearest Mounted Turret to shoot that bad boy down. 

Or perhaps the aircraft won’t have the ability to fire any sort of weapon and will merely be a way of traveling across the map at great speed, will we even be in control of it or will it be just like calling the Battlebus back for another pass over?

I am more prone to believe that the vehicle will have the ability to fire a cannon or drop explosives because of the news of this Mounted Turret, why would the plane need to be shot down so badly if it was just transporting a player? Because the vehicle itself is an actual threat.

Or another theory that just came to mind, what if NO player is controlling the aircraft and they are instead controlled by something related to Kevin or the Villian from season 4? In that case, it would be in everyone’s best interest to try to shoot the plane down as fast as possible. 

I could be completely wrong about all of that but it does seem like too much of a coincidence that a Mounted Turret would emerge when this mystery vehicle is creeping up on us.

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