Metal Slug 2 Review – 20 Years Later

We review Metal Slug 2 for the sixth part of the 14 Days Of Holiday Gaming series. 20 years after the initial release date.
Metal Slug 2 was released in 1998, and is only now being reviewed by LRGaming after over 20 years.

Metal Slug 2 Review - 20 Years Later

Metal Slug 2 was released in 1998 by SNK for arcade and later added to most major platforms. The #LRGamingCrew check it out in the Metal Slug 2 Review.”

I will throw myself under the bus for a moment and admit that I never purchased the original Metal Slug. 

Instead, I was one of those naughty people that owned a Gameshark for my trail blazer Playstation. Remember those? They were a small device that plugged into the back of your console and came with a short metal spring that was used to prop the lid open exposing the disc bay.

By booting up the Playstation with this setup in place, you were then able to play any illegally copied game disc. 

I know, very naughty, but I was a child so I can’t stay too angry with myself.

Anyways, that era in my life was filled with long gaming sessions that filled the time between homework and bedtime, weekends, and school holidays. 

Not being discriminative in my choice of games, I played it all, especially the earlier Final Fantasy installments and the first Tekken titles. 

I remember my father coming home one day with a disc carry case filled with random games, some that I hadn’t heard of. One of these mystery discs happened to be Metal Slug and I became addicted to the non-stop, bullet spraying, grenade lobbing, foul mouthed action.

Fast forward nearly 20 years, and I’m finally getting around to checking out the rest of the series. 

Metal Slug 2 is everything that the first one was and nothing else, but that isn’t a negative factor. Arcade run-and-gun styles don’t necessarily need do keep rolling out new features and surpises, instead, most of us seem to enjoy particular titles for a reason and when the developer releases a sequel we just want more of what we already love.

SNK have stayed true to the style and experience of Metal Slug, right through to the later additions that have graced our console, pc, handheld or mobile device. 

There is no long winded, or poetic review required for Metal Slug 2. I give it a definite thumbs up, mostly due to the non-stop action and super aggressive gameplay.

"I remember playing the original Metal Slug from 1996, SNK managed to keep all the elements the same while adding a different story, and new missions. A classic in my eyes, highly recommend."

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