Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Are you a brawler? Or are you a Ninja? Either way find out if Kingsman: the Secret Service is a game for you.

Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

out of 10
Kingsman The Secret Service reviewed for mobile, developed by YesGnome

“Experience the Kingsman’s universe of full-throttle stylized action, and amazing weapons and gadgets. Featuring a unique visual twist that captures the essence of the Kingsman world, the game challenges you to complete a set of missions using stealth abilities and the Kingsman’s arsenal of weapons.
As the Kingsman base is destroyed, Eggsy takes it upon himself to get to the root of the conspiracy and uncover the perpetrators.
Infiltrate enemy bases in locations all around the world using stealth skills or brute force combat.”

YesGnome is a mobile game developer based out of Hyderabad, India. The team has built and launched popular mobile games including Adventure Time: Champions and Challengers and the Star Trek Trexels series.


Is the Kingsman mobile game good? Find out what we think in our Secret Service review.

Sticking with the fast paced style of the Kingsman movies, the mobile adaption offers players two types of strategy: Stealth, or High Octane Fighting. Combined with simplistic controls and UI, this is a great way to experience your own little taste of spy life.

You can even pull out those classic super spy weapons like the Umbrella Gun and Shoe Blade, which as you probably remember were featured in the blockbuster movie. Unfortunately, the feel of combat can be a little stiff and repetitive, with a simple dodge, attack, then dodge some more. Add to that the usual issue seen with a virtual joystick, and the messy mechanics that are normally employed here, and it starts to take a few points off the overall experience.

There is a lot of content for such a modestly priced mobile game, and the download size is on the lower end of scales at 108MB. The current download size will vary as YesGnome release patches and updates which are required to clean up any bugs. Some players have commented on the App Store and Google Play, citing issues with black-screen crashes, laggy movement, or corrupted save files. We didn’t encounter any of the mentioned problems, but, we did indeed face issues when first acquiring the download.

When trying to purchase Kingsman: The Secret Service we were met with server error messages. With no obvious work around, it was a simple matter of waiting for YesGnome’s latest patch before being able to install the file.

In regards to a gameplay review, the above mentioned problem doesn’t hold any weight, but was certainly worth mentioning in case you have the same experience.


There is a lot of meat on the bones with Kingsman: The Secret Service, and given that the movie franchise is planning to release more additions, we may see a sequel to the game in future. 
Possibilities for multiplayer modes, and even more spy gadgets mean a lot of promise if YesGnome intend to keep the game fresh, and retain players.

While the overall mechanics of the game aren’t unique. the amount of content offered for $2.99 make this a highly recommended mobile game.

"There is a great balance of content/quality in Kingsman: The Secret Service."

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