Is there a Castle hidden in the Fortnite Rifts?

Recent information has been popping up on Reddit and Fortnite forums regarding a possible teaser that is seen inside a rift. So we decided to check it out for ourselves. Check out the video below and tell us your thoughts.

In the image provided by a Reddit user, a large Castle can be seen hidden within the Rift under Wailing Woods could hint at what Epic has planned for that location in future. The Castle appears to be surrounded by a snow-laden landscape which could tie in with the Winter theme and Christmas.

Adding to this theory is the recent skin A.I.M which appears to have ice covering its feet, another possible hint at a snow theme coming very soon or is it connected to Chiller traps and nothing more?

By now everyone is assuming there will snow added to the map for the Holiday Season, a challenge the developers are certainly capable of knocking out and one which would add another layer to the fighting experience on the island.

Players would find it harder to traverse by foot as they sink into deep patches of snow, or trigger mini avalanches. The opportunity for new vehicles like Snowboards, Skis, and Snowmobiles would arise and the map would be dotted with deadly snowball fights all in the name of Christmas. What jolly good fun that would be. Bring it on we say!

Epic loves to drop these little nuggets in game for us to obsess over and form theories, it is cause for a lot of hype and is one of the reasons we love the game as much as we do. Well done Epic, you have captivated us once again.

Do you have your own theory? Tell us in the comments or reach out to us via the Discord (Link Below).

Here is the original Reddit post that peaked our interest

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