Hide Prop is a game developed by Gamespire which is currently in early access. This is the LRG review of Hide Prop: Seek Online Hunt

Hide Prop Review: Mobile Hide And SeeK

Hide Prop: Seek Online Hunt is a multiplayer action game in which two teams play a game of pixelated hide and seek.

The basic premise of this recently created game style is simple, one team plays as Props and must hide in plain sight amongst a plethora of different objects such as chairs and picture frames, to photocopiers and filing cabinets.
You can re-roll the prop you were designated twice, giving you a better chance of blending in with the objects around you. You also have a couple of defensive abilities to help you slow down or distract the opposing team.
Once you have been located, the other team will need to eliminate you before the game clock runs out.

If you’ve played Call of Duty WW2 you are probably familiar with the Prop Hunt special game mode that is rolled out from time to time. If not, don’t despair because you can get a dose of this game style through Hide Prop: Seek Online Hunt.

In some cases, Props are found and destroyed at an alarming speed, while other games drag on until the final buzzer, with only one Prop left, and hidden extremely well. These matches are pretty amusing, watching the other team run around frantically trying to find and destroy an inanimate object, only to find it was right under their nose the whole time.

There is not much to note in regards to the visual aspect of this game, using the pixel-art style like is seen in Minecraft and Trove. This leaves little to no room for anything amazing, but does allow for some low resolution entertainment.

"There are a few features that are absent from Hide Prop, which restrict the amount of play time I feel like investing into it. That being said, the online hide and seek style doesn't need many bells and whistles in order to have fun."
VERDICT 6.2/10