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The elephants of Botswana are in peril as the government is right now considering a motion that would lift the ban on killing these majestic animals, allowing trophy hunters to brutally slaughter elephants for fun. We must speak out to protect the elephants from this gruesome fate.


CLICK HERE to sign the petition urging the goverment of Botswana to abandon plans to let trophy hunters slaughter innocent elephants.


– Email Botswana Ambassador David John Newman and urge him to protect the elephants from ALL


Dear H.E. Newman,

Elephant hunting has been banned in Botswana since 2014, but a new motion asks the government to abolish the ban outside of national parks and game reserves. You must not let this happen. I urge you to strongly oppose this motion and grant elephants the strongest protections possible from cruel trophy hunters and anyone else who seeks to harm these majestic and vulnerable animals. If we fail to protect them, we could lose the elephants forever.


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