Greedy Cave 2 Review – Time waits for no man

Greedy Cave 2 is currently in Early Access on mobile. Loot Reviews Gaming check it out in this Greedy Cave 2 review.

Battery Consumption – 40mins = 36%
Download Size – 164MB
Control Interface – Tap and Go or Joystick-style
Learning Curve – Minimal

For the 5th installment of 14 Days Of Holiday Gaming, I checked out Greedy Cave 2, an adventure and exploration game developed by Avalon Games and currently in early access on mobile.

Greedy Cave 2 brings back all the features of its predecessor with the added bonus of multiplayer capability. This time you can team up with your friends to continue the journey, or go it alone if that is more your style.

To give you a bit of back story on the original game, and an idea of events that kick off Greedy Cave 2, I shall don my story teller’s hat for a moment. Gather round children, pappy is going off on a tangent.

Thousands of years ago a Cave, full of mystery, magic, and riches was accidentally uncovered. This discovery drew crowds of explorers and treasure hunters in what historians aptly named the “Gold Rush”.
As time passed, some nations benefited from the wealth that was brought back to their land, while others suffered poverty and harsh conditions. This rift in the geopolitical landscape caused war and oppression, and eventually the near extinction of the human race at the hands of demons.

After many years of conflict, suffering, and clawing back to civilization, a group of sorcerers in a distant land called Basatan reveal they have opened a doorway to another realm containing parts of the “Old World”, and many strange and unknown creatures. However, the sorcerers also admit they have no way of controlling this “Time Gate” which means each time a traveler steps through, the dungeon they find themselves in is different.

Due to mankind’s greedy nature, many flock to Basatan to venture through the Time Gate and risk their lives for the riches that remain within the realm, spurring on an inevitable, second Gold Rush.

The Time Gate takes the spotlight in Greedy Cave 2 as you slowly unravel its hidden secrets and venture deeper into the darkness and collect over 300 different items to help customize your “Dungeon Crawler’.

Reviewing Greedy Cave 2 was a bit of a mission for me due to the poor internet connection that we are experiencing on the North Coast of New South Wales. There have been some pretty severe storms here in the last few weeks and it’s resulted in some damaged Towers in the area.

Luckily, I had downloaded a copy of Greedy Cave 2 prior to leaving Sydney, but the initial update on the other hand… This meant a few failed attempts to get into the game, however, that issue is not the fault of the game’s developer, but jeez it sucked.

The update required to access the game for the first time was only 39MB and yet took nearly an hour for my dodgy connection to achieve. To my delight, however, Greedy Cave 2 has a rather interesting loading screen and main menu, offering what I believe to be a puzzle of sorts.

Mutated Rats, Spiders, and other creatures hide in the shadows of the surrounding cave which the player can interact with. There are colored crystals and other items scattered around, a skull adorned with a shiny crown can be found perched inside a recess in the wall, when touched, the skull lights up for a moment, as do a few other small objects in the cave.
Thorny vines entangle walls and signposts obscuring any view of what’s being and chests, bearing an unknown bounty are left out in the open, remaining locked tight.

I was amazed at the detail that was put into this main screen and just how responsive the environment is. Looking around the cave can be a simple matter of dragging the screen, or if you want the full experience you can use motion detection, provided your device has it enabled.

While looking around the cave, a shadowy figure is seen darting back and forth just outside the entrance and creating a spooky and unsafe feeling which piqued my interest almost immediately.
I have not cracked the mystery to this Menu Cave yet, and it has me intrigued. This alone makes me want to play Greedy Cave 2 again, and that’s not even the main game. Brownie points for this little gem.

39MB of initial update finishes and the main game begins. We start in a fairly standard manner, picking a name for our character and making some customizations to the appearance. For the purpose of a gameplay review, this feature has not been thoroughly explored, but who doesn’t like being able to create their own style?

The storyline is, well, light. At least from what we can see in the first 40 minutes of gameplay, but what Greedy Cave 2 lacks in the Fstoryline, they make up for with in-game content. This is demonstrated firstly by the fact that the cave changes ever time you enter, offering many different paths to explore.

You are an adventurer who has traveled into the depths of the cave with a wanderer claiming to know the location of a large amount of treasure. But when you entered the cave, your new friend vanishes and you are left to stumble around without him. Begin basic tutorial.
This gives us a moment to be taught the basic controls, either a Touch and Go style where you simply tap the tile you wish to move to and off your character goes, or through a click and drag joystick that can be accessed by touching any area on the screen and slowly dragging your thumb in the direction you wish to move.

There are monsters and other assorted creatures hiding in the dark cave which you will need to engage with in order to level up and develop your skills. Gold coin bags, Treasure Chests, and Ornate Vases can be opened to acquire loot, currency, and weapons, and staircases lead deeper down into the depths, yielding even more riches for the brave adventurer.

If your health is taken out and your character eliminated, you will lose all the items you have found, so make sure to keep those potions up and pick your battles wisely. The aim of the game is to make it deep into the cave and leave at the correct time to avoid losing your hard-earned loot.

After the initial tutorial, we are sent to a central location surrounding the entrance to the cave. This area is rather interesting as you can see other players wandering around and preparing for their own quests.
There are vendors and merchants to purchase and sell goods, and a bulletin board where you can find additional challenges. A few parts of this area are closed off until you reach a certain level or complete a particular task, so more on that when I have made it to that point.

I dove straight back into the cave and began exploring, picking up different items and upgrading some to a Gold variety through mysterious Knight Statues that are found within the cave, this is a very useful feature to help speed up the progress of advancing items effectiveness.

Your character has an item bag with a large inventory, plus slots in your Belt to hold items for quick use. There are different variants for Helmets, Boots, Cloaks, and Rings which you can switch between to increase the overall power, health, and abilities of the cave explorer, as well as visually customizing the overall appearance.

I wrapped up my initial test play at 40 minutes, without being eliminated, so the beginning stages are quite simple, but still very entertaining. There looks to be a lot of content to keep players on the hook, and multiplayer options allow for recruiting and forming your own Guild to continue the adventure.

Well worth the effort it took for me to Greedy Cave 2 downloaded while on vacation, and I look forward to jumping back through the Time Gate soon.

"I'm a fan, what more can I say? I love that the landscape of this game is always different, and who doesn't like finding treasure?."

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