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Fortnite to introduce Support-A-Creator

After next weeks scheduled update a new event will be launched that aims to acknowledge creators of quality and unique Fortnite content.

The Support-A-Creator event will run until December 31 and is an exciting prospect for players to reward their favorite creators.

What counts as a Creator?

Video Makers


Story Tellers




Community Builders

What you need to know about the Support-A-Creator event

After the update next week, you will be able to find a Support-A-Creator field in the Item Shop in Battle Royale or the Loot Tab in Save the World. 

Click on this and enter the Epic tag associated with the Creator you wish to support, this will allow them to receive a share of any V-Bucks you spend during the event. This goes for purchased and earned V-Bucks.

The Creator you choose will continue receiving your support for 14 days, at which time you can either select them again or choose another Creator. You won’t be locked in to one creator for each 14 day period though, you can change who you are showing some love to any time you want.