Fortnite Season 6, Week 7 Complete Challenge Guide

Season 6 Progress 60%

Week 7 of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 has arrived which means in the past day we have a new set of Challenges to complete. This week we have 3 different Staged Challenges which adds a little extra time due to not being able to complete more than one stage per match.

Other Challenges may sound easy but in fact are quite difficult if you don’t think about the execution.

Let’s take a look at what tasks Epic has given us for the Week 7 Challenges and discuss the ways you can get them completed quickly, getting one step closer to the Hunting Party reward.

What are the Season 6 Week 7 Challenges?

Search 7 ammo boxes in a single match.

This challenge took a little bit longer than it has in the past which made me wonder whether or not Ammo Box spawn rates were dropped slightly. I found no such evidence of that being the case though so it must have just been bad luck.

The quickest way to get these ones done is to land at an area that you can have all to yourself. Sure you could still manage to loot some Ammo Boxes but trust me when I say it if frustrating to have opened 6 and then be eliminated. So save yourself the hassle and land somewhere on the outskirts of the map, still try to pick a POI at the very least rather than going for shacks or houses, they do not give you as many boxes and you will have more open ground to cover in some cases.

I went to the area to the East of Junk Junction and had all 7 boxes within a couple of minutes.

Deal headshot damage to opponents 0/500

Completing this Challenge doesn’t mean you have to be the most accurate shot, one way around this is to focus on getting the high ground, you are more likely to deal headshot damage when firing from above. There is a reason you have heard so many tips and guides to obtaining and holding the high ground and just how important that is. Because it is plain and simply true, you will always be at a disadvantage when fighting from the low ground so use this Challenge as a reason to practice your high ground stealing skills. 

If that fails, use a Tac Shotgun and keep firing until you have slowly done enough damage, but that would not be a fast method at all, so just get that high ground ya’ Llama.

Stage 1: Deal Damage to opponents in a single match 0/300

The first stage of this Challenge is to deal 300 damage, the second stage 400 damage and third stage 500 damage. This can be a bit tricky if you are prone to being taken down with just 1 or 2 eliminations. One way this can be completed faster is to play Team Terror and rack up some extra points by finishing off downed players. 

If you have the patience and are a decent Sniper, try knocking a players shields and waiting for them to top up before hitting them again. This will get you twice as many damage points but requires a bit of extra skill and control.

Stage 1: Destroy Trees, 0/50


I loved this Staged Challenge and I would have been happier if the required numbers were set higher, I mean they do give us a week before we get the next lot. So I think it would be fun to have a target of 1000 trees for example. Cutting dwn 50 trees doesn’t take long at all, especially if you land somewhere  Lonely Lodge. The smaller trees still count and take about hald as much time to destroy. Landing somewhere with a lot of Pine Trees will allow you to finish the first stage within one match quite easily. The abandoned Mansion on the East Coast  has a lot of these smaller trees along the driveway and you will continue to find them along the sides of the road as you journey back towards the center of the map. The second Stage requires you to destroy 50 Rocks, I finished this in the Quarry near Fatal Fields, there is more than enough there to get all 50 and max out your inventory at the same time. If you are not looking for a location that is rich in Rock, you will find it pretty damn time-consuming to get through for such a small amount. Lastly, destroy 10 Cars. Seriously Epic? 10 Cars? Done and dusted in any named Location, I would recommend Risky Reels because you don’t have to run far to get from one car to the next.

Skydive through floating rings, 0/20

Sorry guys but this one is going to take you 5 matches in order to finish. This is due to the way the rings have been positioned.

One tip that may help you avoid missing a ring and having to squeeze an extra game in is to quickly double tap your glider so you don’t drop too low to reach the next ring.
And make sure you don’t exit the battlebus too late or you could struggle to make it back to the last set of rings.

Even if you do miss one, it isn’t difficult for you to catch up in the following game.

Stage 1: consume 5 apples, 0/5

Not as easy as it sounds unless you happen across a bunch of Apples while your Health is low. In most cases we will find ourselves using a Medkit out of instinct and when we hold off in hopes of finding Apples we end up at higher risk of elimination with low health.

I first tried in Team Terror but due to my Shield being full from slaying Cube Monsters I didn’t take damage often and when I did it was rare there were Apples close by.

You can use the Cube Monsters to your advantage here.

Find some Apples, Find a Cube Monster, Let said Monster injure you enough to consume your 5 Apples and then kill it. Quickly eat your Apples and hey presto Challenge completed.

Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park 0/3

I don’t have a tip for you guys, just get out there and Eliminate 3 Opponents however you choose.

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