Fortnite Season 6 Week 4 Challenges and Guide


Fortnite Battle Royale has hit the 4 week mark for Season 6 and the challenges are getting more interesting.

Epic Games clearly is listening to Fortnite players and fans as we have called for more demanding and complex challenges for some time, and lately the game has stepped up this field significantly.

So let’s take a look at this week’s challenges and how to get through them.

To kick off let’s just glance over the more simple ones, these being to use a Port-A-Fort or Port-A-Fortress in different matches, straight forward and easy as long as you manage to find the loot in the first place, if you want to get through this one quicker just make sure you throw out the fort or fortress as soon as you pick it up to avoid being eliminated while waiting for the right chance.

Next we have the Search an Ammo Box in different Named Locations challenge which is even easier as there are normally no problems finding a stray ammo box or 10 in any given location. So get out there and get searching.

Eliminate opponents near any of the Corrupted Areas is great because you have multiple to choose from so shouldn’t have any drama when finding one close to the Battle Bus flight path making for a quick drop in and slaughter to blaze through this challenge over a few games. Or just the one if you are pro enough.


Need help with any of this weeks harder challenges?

  • Stage 1: Land at Greasy Grove – 1 Battle Star
  • Stage 2: Land at Wailing Woods – 1 Battle Star
  • Stage 3: Land at Dusty Divot – 1 Battle Star
  • Stage 4: Land at Pleasant Park – 1 Battle Star
  • On a mesa in the desert biome, south of the corrupted area.
  • Northwest of Dusty Divot, near an overturned truck.
  • On a hill east of the unnamed factory location north of Flush Factory.
  • In the southeast of Wailing Woods, near a crashed RV
  • East of Risky Reels on an outcropping below an ice cream truck

Stage 1: Dance on top of a Clock Tower

  • Stage 2: Dance on top of a Pink Tree
  • Stage 3: Dance on top of a Giant Porcelain Throne

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