Fortnite News: Quad Launcher Coming Soon

Fortnite Fans are in for another treat with the upcoming 

release of the Quad Launcher, which is capable of firing up to 4 rockets at a time.

This new addition to Fortnite’s ever evolving arsenal is able to “blanket an area with explosive damage” according to the News screen in the Battle Royale Lobby.

Players are soon going to have a chance to take the upper hand by crippling Forts and leaving little room for your opponent to escape. Will this be a fun weapon to rotate in or will the shear power mean the Quad Launcher will be nerfed rather quickly? 

We certainly are interested to see the stories and clips that come out of this one.

Let me paint a scene for you. 

There you are with your team mate, gliding down a hill in a shopping cart when all of a sudden the friggin sky explodes above you because someone shot FOUR rockets at you.

It would make for a very interesting replay for Fortnite TV but you would also be dead.

Now imagine you are the player firing those four rockets. That is what we are looking forward to.


There was a leak that showed up in August that gave us a little bit of information about what was soon to come. So it is exciting to see that it is on it’s way. You can find out more about the leak at Dexerto.