Fortnite News: Floating Island reaches Corrupted area near Retail Row, rips rune from the ground.

Since the start of Darkness Rises, the 6th Season of Fortnite Battle Royale, we have seen the ominous floating island visit several of the corrupted areas.

Each time this has occurred, an event has been triggered, and earlier today we saw this happen near Retail Row.

As the Island crossed over the rune, the piece of earth that was previously showing signs of breaking away, was lifted into the sky and now suspended mid air below the island.

More of the volcanic craters have appeared allowing players to launch into the air just as we have seen with the previously affected Corrupted Zones.

The sections of Kevin the Cube that had already appeared throughout the Lake house seem to have grown; leading players to theorize that the island will eventually be consumed by the cube.

The question remains, what will happen after the floating island has visited all the corrupted areas? For that we will need to keep an eye on any changes that occur over the next week or two and look for clues.

Fortnite’s developers have a history of dropping hints leading up to any major change, so let’s see what players manage to discover

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