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Fortnite Map Changes - New Area Coming To Leaky Lake

This Sunday, November 4 at 1pm ET there will be an In-Game-Event similar to the Missile Launch we witnessed back in Season 4. Only this time we will be saying farewell to Fortnitemares, Cube Monsters, Kevin the Cube and the Floating Island.

But do not despair Fortnite fans, because in the mournful wake of our departed guests we will find ourselves doing battle in a new area where Leaky Lake is now.

new leaky lake map - v6.21 update

While the new area’s name is unclear at this time, what we do know for sure is that players will find an entirely new battle ground where there was once nothing but open water providing now cover. 

The pieces of the Floating Island that are currently hanging around up there will soon come crashing down and form the area you see above. Multiple land masses with what appears to be a raised area in the centre perhaps.

We will be seeing this addition to the game very soon so make sure you are following along and get in-game on Sunday for the big event.

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