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Fortnite Leak - Lil' Kevin files uncovered

Newly leaked files suggest an interesting change is to come in the near future.

The files obtained by FNBRLeaks point towards a new set of Challenges that ultimately lead to what could be a new Pet.

lil keven quest files - fnbrleaks
image courtesy of FNBRLeaks

“Lil’ Kevin Challenges” 

Gain 5,000 XP 

Play Matches [0/15] 

Outlive Opponents [0/500]

Name: Lil’ Kev
Desc: Loves to play in the lake
Rarity: Rare

The fact that the description personifies Lil’ Kev gives reason to believe the reward would be a living creature and the only logical explanation would be a Pet, the cosmetic item that was added to the game this season.

We mustn’t have long to wait to find out more, in fact it would be more than likely that it will be in either this weeks update or next. Given that it is a miniature Cube and not the great Kevin Hart (AKA mini Ice-Cube) it would make sense for this Challenge to be released before the disappearance of the Cube.

This Sunday there will be an in-game event that will rival that Missile Launch fro Season 4, during this time it is possible that Kevin will be departing however that is still only a theory.

kevin the cube - fortnite leaks - fnbrleaks - lil kev

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