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Fortnite Balloons: Will they take off? or leave players feeling deflated?

Players are about to receive yet another in game item that will add a new method of transport on the Island.


Balloons have been in Fortnite’s Athena Files for some time but until recently it was unclear exactly when they would be implemented into the game.

There are still many questions surrounding the new item that are cause for debate among players with them arguing such things as:

  • Will the Balloons be a Loot item or an Interactive item similar to Apples?
  • How long will the “Ride Time” be?
  • Will the Ballons travel Horizontally or just Vertically?

It’s also interesting to think about the use of Balloons in a combat situation, are they going to be an item that we will use for a quick escape or to steal the high ground from our opponent?

Are they going to be easy to shoot down?

Picture the sky, full of players attached to Balloons and fighting it out in the clouds, where building skill means nothing.

This news could mean that the Glider Re-Deploy feature will indeed be removed this week as it would more than likely alter the game play too much if players were able to float to the top of the map and simply glide away, or have their Balloon popped with no risk of Fall Damage

We are excited to see what it will mean for Fortnite and how players will implement them into their strategy.

We will be able to see them in action after this weeks Scheduled Update.



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