Floating Wonderland Review – For The 2D Platform Connoisseur

One of the LRG contributors, William Schultze, dives into the demo for Floating Wonderland from Rina Bow.

Floating Wonderland Review-(Kind of) - For The 2D Platform Connoisseur

“The game is intended to have about a dozen different levels and environments, ranging from huge cities to frozen glaciers, and wacky mansions. There are also many planned boss fights that either involve other characters, or larger monsters (or both!)”


Floating Wonderland by Rinabow is a classically styled 2D platform game which takes place in a fantasy realm, where gravity can be manipulated to create alternate perspectives and open up different paths as you attempt to traverse a world filled with dangers and puzzles.

At this stage, there is only a proof of concept demo available with only a couple of playable levels and doesn’t have any sound just yet. However, the mechanics of the game are solid enough to make it an enjoyable experience regardless of its unfinished state. So we won’t be putting an LRG Rating on this on just yet.

The player begins with a choice of three different characters, each possessing different skills and powers to help you overcome enemies in your path, and make it through each stage as you piece together the story and lore of the world.

You can find more information regarding each character’s background, personality, and their various accolades on the developer’s site

I really enjoyed testing this demo as it seemed to include elements from my favorite childhood platformers like Wonderboy, Super Mario Bros and Sonic! I highly recommend Floating Wonderland to anyone who enjoys a good 2D platformer game.

Keep an eye out for our review of the full game.

You can find the demo of Floating Wonderland here.

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