Elon Musk made a huge announcement for SpaceX

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In case you missed the Livestream yesterday – Here is a quick recap of what was discussed.

SpaceX has made headlines over the last decade for it’s role in the reincarnation of the space program, it is widely known that they plan to send the first humans to Mars, not for a test but to colonize for future generations. 

A key component in this grand plan is their BFR or Big Falcon Rocket – The first rocket capable of launch, orbit, re-entry, landing, and re-use.
Now it should be noted that this technological achievement is unparalleled due to the fact it has occurred within 10 years of SpaceX becoming capable of achieving Earth Orbit after three failed attempts.

SpaceX was nearly forgotten.

Musk has commented that if the fourth test had failed, SpaceX would not be in existence today. Wrap your head around that for a second. 
They had failed three times prior, and if they did not succeed in the final test, any future plans for stretching across the Solar System may have ceased. How long would humanity be required to wait for another individual like Musk to come along with big plans inspired by Science Fiction novels like Asimov’s Foundation or Adam’s and Colfer’s Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy?

Musk’s big picture is to become a space baring race, to not just look at occupying Mars, but at expanding to the outer solar system through the use of propellant stations situated along the way to leapfrog.

SpaceX is taking leaps and bounds in the quest for deep space exploration, and yesterday Musk made a very exciting announcement. The introduction of their first passenger Yasaku Maezawa.

The first passenger confirmed for space travel.

Maezawa, a former Skateboarder and Musician, founded his own Fashion company ZoZo which he was able to utilize to gain substantial wealth. Wealth which he intends to use for something quite unique and brilliant in this guys opinion.

“He is ultimately helping to pay for the average citizen to travel to other planets’ by paying an undisclosed amount for the flight he is helping tremendously with the development of the rocket and the program as a whole.
He stepped forward, we are honored that he chose us”

Musk comments on Maezawa’s new involvement in the BFR program

Not only has Maezawa purchased the first passenger seat available on the BFR, But He’s also put a deposit down on ALL of the seats for the first flight.

He has done so for a very humbling reason though, not out of greed or frivolous spending.
His plan is to take with him 6-8 Artists who represent the best of their chosen field. These fields include Painting, Sculpting, Photography, Music, Film and Fashion.

His reason for doing something so monumental stems from his intense passion for art in all of it’s true forms. He had pondered the amazing masterpieces some of the legendary figures would have created if they had experienced something as profound as space travel or visiting the Moon.

Dear Moon is born.

And so he started Dear Moon. A program that will actively seek out Artists who represent different fields of creative beauty, and takes them on a week-long flight to the Moon and back, during which time they will produce pieces of Art inspired by the experience in real time.

What an incredible experience, and surely the inspiration bestowed on the select few will result in something spectacular, or at least one would think.

According to comments made by Elon Musk, there are plans for the entire experience to be live streamed in HD VR so you could be along for the journey.

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Will you be one of the first to board?

The BFR is capable of carrying 100 passengers and crew, the initial passenger flight will carry only 12 to leave room for additional provisions and parts as a precaution, with the aim to eventually fill to capacity

As to where the BFR will launch from and land, Musk states that “the initial hops, will take occur out of their Texas base.
As for the first orbital flight, we have not reached a decision however it is possible that it will take place from a floating platform.”

Maezawa and Musk – courtesy of Twitter

By the casual nature of his response to questions regarding the layout and features of the interior of BFR, it is clear that this is a plan that is constantly evolving and re-shaping. Understandble given that 10 years ago his company was making orbit for the first time.

What does that mean for the immediate future of SpaceX?

NASA and National Security Space Missions still remain the key focus and interest of SpaceX despite the amount of effort going into the BFR project. according to Musk ‘Less than 5% of SpaceX resources and time are being spent on BFR.’ They are still focused on completing their Dragon 2 test Project in December and Nasa Crew Mission which , for next year.

dearmoon flight plan, yasuko maezawa has purchased all tikets for the first flight and will be taking artists from around the world with him into space in 2023
DearMoon proposed flight plan

As time goes on the resources committed to BFR will increase, and it is likely that by the end of 2019 a large portion of resources will be switched over to BFR.

‘I think it would be very exciting to have a moon base, we should have a base on the moon, its 2018 why is their no base on the damn moon, we should have one and we should go there a lot.’


A few extra notes on BFR and it’s design:

Roughly 5 Billion dollars to fund the BFR project, fairly small in the grand scheme of Space travel.
The fins are designed to deal with a wide range of atmospheric conditions, coupled with a propulsive landing system – BFR can land on any surface in the solar system. Wings and landing gears are great on Earth, but not where there is no air.

BFR acts more like a skydiver than a plane, its actuators or fins are not comparable to any other flight wing. Its flight style is ‘counter-intuitive’ as stated by Musk.

The BFR only needs 3 out of its 7 engines for a successful engine, making it less likely to fail.

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