Earning Money Online; Fact or Fiction

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Making money online is real and possible. In fact, many people across the world are earning good money online – a job replacing income.

Working online, is a job or business like any other. It requires your time and energy, while some may also require some investment.

Employment has become a national disaster globally. This is mainly caused by the shift from manual to digital. Many institutions, organizations and individuals are currently digitally operating their businesses. Most of the work that previously required human labour, is now digitally done by computers.

This has greatly reduced employment opportunities because the computers do not require much human labour. But the same computers have created many job opportunities that previously never existed.

There are many different ways that you can work online. The best way to choose the kind of work that you’ll do, is just choosing what you really like doing most. For example; Writing articles, making videos, teaching lessons etc.

If you’ve been dreaming of working online, but you have not yet found your perfect online job, you are in the right place.

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In this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the easy and most popular, online jobs that anyone can start doing at home, and make a living.

The best part of these online jobs, is that, you can just be following your passion while still earning at the same time.

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But before we start reviewing some of these online jobs, let’s first look at the advantages of working online.

1. You’re your own boss.
Working online, gives you true freedom in your job. No one is there to supervise you or give you orders.

2. You can work anytime (day or night).

Most of these online jobs, gives you freedom to work anytime of the day and night.

3. You can work anywhere.

This is one of the reason why I like to work online. I can work anywhere I am, as long as I’m connected online.

4. You can do it part-time or full-time.

You do not have to quit your current job to start working online. Many starts working online part-time until when they start earning a job replacing income. They start working full-time.

5. You don’t need capital to start.

While some online jobs may require you to have some capital to start making money online, there are so many easy online jobs that do not require you to invest your money.

6. You can do several different online jobs daily.

This is another advantage of working online. One can do multiple different online jobs daily. That means that you do not need to depend on the income from one online job. You can do several easy online jobs, and earn good money, at the end of the day.

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7. You do not need to have school certificates to qualify.

Many of these popular online jobs, do not require any special skills or education to start. Just the basic knowledge of reading and writing is enough.

Let’s now take a look at some of the most popular easy ways to make money online currently.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest and most popular way that anyone can start and make money online.

Blogging is basically creating a group of audience by sharing your profession, ideas, experiences, your opinions or thoughts, etc.

With the group of audience (followers), you’ll be paid by advertisers to run their adverts in your blog.

Apart from being paid by advertisers to run their adverts in your blog, there are also more other ways that you can make money with your blog.

Follow this link to learn more about blogging.

2. Make money on YouTube

Making money on YouTube, is another very easy and most popular way of making money online currently.

You just create a free YouTube channel, start creating and publishing your videos there regularly.

Just like in the case in blogging, here you’re being paid to allow ads in your YouTube video channel by YouTube.

The more people subscribe to your YouTube video channel, the more you earn.

Follow this link to learn more how to make money on YouTube.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another popular way that many people are making money easily online currently.

Affiliate marketing is basically the process of earning a commission by promoting a company’s or other peoples’ products.

You simply find a product that you like, promote it to your friends and earn a commission from each of your friend who end up buying the product.

Follow this link to learn more about affiliate marketing.

4. Online Freelance jobs

A freelancer is a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like. Selling work or services by the hour, day, job etc rather than working on a regular salary basis.

Examples of freelance work include; music, writing, acting, computer programming, web design, translating and illustrating, film and video production etc.

Follow this link to learn more about Online freelance jobs.

5. Traffic,SEO and sales funnels

We have all seen thousands of ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes out there, promising that you will earn massive income with some ‘brand new’ system, and unfortunately, but not surprisingly, 99% are scams.

That being said, there ARE safe ways to earn good money online using one of these methods, the problem is how do you tell the difference between the scams and the money makers? I will get to that in a moment.

But if it is really a possibility to work for yourself from home or on the go, and make a lot of money doing it, why than would anyone be willing to part ways with their methods?

Well for starters, everyone wants something for nothing, in that not many people are putting in the effort in the beginning. News flash! There is NO system that will make you money simply for downloading an app or signing up to a website.

The systems that work are the ones that require doing a bit of labor in the beginning, setting up your product, building your audience, and than automating the process to begin the cash flow.

How is it possible that these Gurus are able to either give away their secrets, or sell them dirt cheap?

Simply put, because the market will never saturate, and the earning potential doesn’t diminish with a growth in Online Entrepreneurs. In fact, the more people that use the same method, the more likely it is to alter the market in a way that accommodates anyone looking to earn a living online. The more people setting up sales funnels, lead and traffic generators and recurring income platforms, the more money changing hands due to referrals, memberships, upgrades, cross-selling, advertisement and networking. All of which becomes available after putting in the ground work.

Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a method/platform to try.

  • Does the promotion claim to ‘Start earning money with no investment of time and money’? This is probably a scam, you will need to do a little bit of work.
  • Does the website have lots of promises of FREE money and a ‘Never before seen method’? This is probably a scam, there are no new methods, just lots of bad ones to wade through.
  • Does the Author/Developer have details about themselves and their business available for consumers? This is a good sign.
  • Is there a Money Back Guarantee in case you don’t manage to make it work? This is also a great sign as it reduces the risk of any loss of investment.

Here are a few methods that tick the boxes and actually make money after setting up. These are the ones that seem to require no financial investment or practically nothing to gain access.

BEST CHOICE – Viral Store Builder This one costs a little bit more for the Training Course and Software etc. But it is worth it, you get everything you need to have a completely automated Store that keeps spitting out Viral content while bringing in Affiliate income.


$500 CPA – Great one to get started, costs nothing to begin and it teaches you how to generate up to $500 per day with only a few minutes work, very worth the time!

$200 Cash Hack – Fantastic one for Newbies, automate affiliate links with this system and you can earn a second income very fast

AbsoluteJacker – I am STUNNED, this is my favorite out of all of them. It works across so many social media platforms and integrates smoothly, notice instant changes in traffic and sales. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

TOP PICKS (Very Affordable Systems) –

2Day Profits – Video Training, Simple to Use, VERY CHEAP GET STARTED

Profit Reign – No Special Skills Needed, Quick Turn-Around TRY IT HERE

Funnel World – Fast Setup, Recommended by Leading Marketers, Tier 2 Earnings  MORE INFORMATION

CPA Pirate – Great For Beginners, Cheap Setup, Fast Growing CHECK IT OUT HERE


These are just some of the most popular easy ways that you can start making money online currently.

I’ll be adding more to the list from time to time so be sure to check regularly

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