Way of the Passive Fist was recently released by Household Games and is a post apocalyptic, off world, non-lethal brawler. What's that you ask? Well let's take a look at Way of the Passive Fist in our review.

Way of the Passive Fist Review – Arcade Brawler from Household Games

Loot Reviews Gaming contributor Ben Aubrey reviews Way of the Passive Fist from Household Games. This arcade-style brawler offers more than meets the eye, read all about it hear.

We Review The Videokid on PS4 in the days following the launch. Xbox and Switch players have already had their turn, now it's ours.

The VideoKid Review: Inspired by Retro Arcade

The Videokid 80’s Edition is an Arcade Style Skate game that takes place in a retro neighborhood. Deliver Videos to your Customers and go meet up with Jessica. But look out, Danger is everywhere.

game review of switchblade by lucid games

Switchblade Review: High Octane Competition

Switchblade was developed by Lucid Games and released exclusively on PS4 and Steam. It’s still in the early days so let’s tear it apart and see what it’s all about.