When do you push in Apex Legends? Choosing when to engage the enemy, and when to hang back behind cover is key to winning a match of Apex Legends. Let's discuss that for a second shall we?

The Apex Chronicles: To Push or Not To Push

Pushing is a topic of great debate in battle royale. So when is the right time to push? How do you know when to push? it’s starting to sound like giving birth.

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Handy Peacekeeper tip that can be used with the Triple Take rifle in Apex Legends.

Peacekeeper Tip: Apex Legends Secret

You could easily miss this little Apex Legends secret if you weren’t paying attention. The Peacekeeper and Triple Take have some hidden power.

Apex Legends Guide to playing like a pro.

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In a game as strategic as Apex Legends it’s crucial to have a strong plan in place in order to survive, and if possible, win.This is even more true in cases where you choose to […]

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Tips for new players of Apex Legends, a battle royale created by the team behind Titanfall and set within the same universe.