Building A Tribe, Not A List


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There are a few things any marketer needs to consider if they want to be successful in any way.

  • What are you going to sell/promote?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How are you going to convince them to buy from you?

Now those three things are fundamental, and the first two are simple enough. It’s the third part that people come unstuck on and ultimately give up.

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How do you get people to buy from you?

You Build A Tribe.

You need to become an authority figure to your audience because let’s face it, you probably won’t be able to beat everyone on price. You probably won’t be able to offer the BEST deals at all times. And you will always have competition out there. So you need to own the tribe, pick your niche and don’t just promote it, own it.

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What does this mean?

Rather than just offering customers a deal, offer them wisdom. Give them a reason to trust you. First of all, you need to make sure you have your niche locked in, pick your specific topic and if you are not an expert on the subject, become one.

Research the absolute shit out of it, top to bottom, inside and out. And start sharing your knowledge through informative posts and reviews, videos or podcasts.

Don’t expect sales for a LONG time.

No one is getting rich overnight, there are a few out there that managed but now you either need to create something so unique it knocks peoples dicks in the dirt, or you have to have your foot in the door with another product or business.

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You need to put in the hard work and when it comes to building an online customer base, that means a lot of content.

Good content.

Your tribe will start to build as they come to trust the knowledge you have been sharing for quite some time, they see that you are out there creating content, they like your content, and now it has been long enough that they are likely to buy what you are selling.

So focus on the following steps:

  • Grab their attention – Create some eye-catching content that is relevant to your market.
  • Don’t do the quick sell – You will be tempted, but keep it in your back pocket for now.
  • Keep creating content – Do this daily or weekly, but make sure you are producing quality content, don’t rush things.
  • Give it time – Keep going like this for a few months at least, you may not notice much of a following at first, but they will start to emerge.
  • Start to sell – Now that your tribe is starting to build trust in you, you can start to promote products that you know they already love.

If you spend too much time focussing on how to sell to people rather than being passionate about your product or service, you are doing yourself a disservice.

I believe strongly that you can promote the hell out of something that everyone loves, but that won’t get you the results that you want. Not without trust.

Trust in your wisdom on a given topic, and trust in your opinion. That is how you become an influencer, and influencers sell.

Agents of Change have a podcast where they discuss the importance of building a tribe and cultivating meaningful communication between yourself and your followers. I would recommend checking it out.

Let’s put one type of Tribe in the spotlight – Youtube.

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has become a mainstream social media platform with more than 2 billion unique viewers flocking to the site every day.

Once a small niche market, online video has quickly moved into the mainstream and become a regular part of our media consumption. With online video viewing surpassing some of the largest television ratings, it can be difficult for small businesses to stand out in the sea of content.

Here are three ways that you can increase your discovery rate and build a loyal audience on YouTube.

Create Meaningful Content

YouTube audiences are fickle, and they are always just a single click away from jumping over to the next video.

So, while the saying, “content is king” still holds true, the key to getting your videos discovered is to create content that will add value to your target audience. It doesn’t matter which creative format you use, be it interviews, how-tos, news focused, or a scripted web series, you need to make sure they give people a reason to view and share your videos.

Brand and Package Consistently

The most significant challenge that everyone faces on YouTube is getting viewers to come back after they’ve viewed the original video. Having a viral hit is nothing more than short-term success. To get people to go back to your channel, you have to give them a reason to.

This is why branding and packaging are so crucial. Your brand serves as a navigation marker in the sea of online videos. Creating content with a strong point of view will help define your brand.

This will also help you position yourself as an expert in your industry. The packaging of your video is the branding that is expressed in your content. For this, you can include graphics intros or end cards that display your URL or YouTube channel name. This helps to reinforce your brand, so people don’t have to guess what they are watching.

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Optimize Your Video

When it comes to being found online, it’s all about SEO.

The same rules that apply to make your website or blog discoverable, apply to your online videos. YouTube has become the second largest search platform, so when people go to YouTube, they are often searching for something specific.

Optimize your videos by creating clever titles and descriptions with relevant keywords. This will help viewers find your content. These three strategies are some of the best ways to develop and build your audience on YouTube.

They have proven successful for reaching beyond the hype of creating viral videos and moving toward your business being able to build a consistent and genuine community.

There is a book called Build Your Tribe that goes over many methods to get more true followers on social media and beyond. It is free to download in pdf form so grab a copy here by signing up to my mailing list.


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