brawlhalla new game mode kung foot

Brawlhalla: Kung Foot Mode, Fun And Easy To Master

A new game mode was added to Brawlhalla recently, adding another layer to the competitive side of the game.

Kung Foot is a combination of the standard fighting we are used to and the basic premise of Soccer/Football, played in a 2v2 format.
We decided to check it out and the results were hilarious. 

At first glance it seems there is a serious flaw, there is no tutorial or instruction on how to play. This could create an issue for any newcomer to the game however, it doesn’t take long to figure it all out.

Your team must be the first to score five goals in order to win the match but if you are solely focused on getting the ball past your opponent you are likely to find yourself being thrown around the screen like a rag-doll.

It is important to be mindful of where your opponent is at all times in order to avoid losing possession of the ball or worse, being thrown off the map entirely.

In each match you and your teammate  will need to make a quick decision as to who will be defending becuase trust me when I say, an empty goal is an easy target. Not only that but it is very possible that the ball will find it’s way through your goal by mistake if you arnd your partner are both in a frenzy, centre stage.

the_real4d tries kung foot

“In just 7 games we had it perfected. Flawless victory through a combination of well-timed shots and a lazy opposition.”

Now I am not saying this is the perfect mehod, not by a long shot. There will always be teams that will spend more time in your face than they are focused on the ball which will make it nearly impossible to get that perfect shot every time.  But as you can see from the video below, it doesn’t take long to get the hang of the Kung Foot mode.

We will definitely be having a deeper look at the competitions available for this mode. Check back later on that one.


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