Apex Legends: Tips For Every New Player

Essential tips for Apex Legends to help you get better, and ultimately win more. What are the best legends? How to get more Apex Crates?

Respawn Entertainment have put a lot on the line by announcing, and rapidly releasing, Apex Legends. Well all we can say so far is that we bloody love it!

There are already a tremendous amount of cosmetics, upgrades, and legends ready for us to unlock. A lot of you are probably wondering how you can get more Apex Crates, well in order to do that you need to stay alive, and rack up that kill count.

Player Banners And Respawn Centers

A nice little feature that is already creating a more unique battle royale experience is the ability to bring your teammates back from the other side. To do this, you need to pick up your fallen buddies Banner and take it to one of the respawn centers found around the map.

But be quick! You only have 90 seconds to pick up your teammate’s Banner before it disappears and they are gone for good. This is in addition to being able to revive your team before they are initially eliminated.

Understand The Damage Markers And Armor Levels

In Apex Legends, there are different helmets and vests that can be picked up from floor loot or drop-pods. In addition to the 100HP that all players spawn with, you can add to your total HP by wearing these different types of armor.
You can have a maximum of 200HP depending on the level of armor you have equipped, and this is also important when dealing damage to the enemy.

When you damage an opponent a colored number appears, and understanding what each color means will help you to optimize your fighting skills.

If you see Purple numbers, it means the other player is currently wearing Level 3 Armor, and can have a maximum of 200HP. This means you will have to be a little more tactical with your approach as they won’t be knocked down easily.

Blue numbers mean the other player is wearing Level 2 Armor, so in this case you will want to push them aggressively, while maintaining the upper-hand. This may be a matter of holding the high ground, having superior cover, or having your teammates flank them.

Lastly, if you see White numbers displayed it means the other player is wearing Level 1 Armor, only adding a slight advantage over players with no armor, these players damage marker is indicated by Red numbers and can be taken out much easier.

Use The Ping System

Apex Legends have nailed in-game communication for players that prefer not to chat with a microphone. You can quickly ping a location, weapon, enemy, and just about anything else in the map, alerting your team instantly.

It is a feature that seems perfect from the get go, and one that can be utilized heavily to keep a constant stream of information flowing within your squad. See an enemy? Ping them. You call dibs on some loot? Ping it. Simple and extremely effective.

Drop Strategically

Just like in any of the recent battle royale games, you begin by launching from the sky, the difference in Apex Legends is that only one of your squad will control your in air movement by default. You can opt to break formation if you choose, but in most cases it’s better to stick together. So where is the best place to land in Apex Legends? We can only speculate given that each player has their own preference, but in order to gain the upper-hand early on in a match it helps if you can hold the Supply Ship which can be landed on if you time your launch correctly.

This location yields top tier weapons and loot, but also acts like a mayhem magnet with a heavy enemy presence. Control that spot from early on and your team will have a severe advantage.

Plan Ahead

It pays to know your surroundings, where enemies are likely to approach from and where the ring could be closing. This is not a brawler, nor is it a long drawn out waiting game. Instead, plan your moves with the end game in mind and make sure you have the best chance of survival.
Plan according to your teams load out as well, if you have a sniper in your squad make sure they have some high ground with a good vantage point to cover the rest of you. Where are the best sniper locations in Apex Legends? Well we are still trying to figure that out so stay tuned.

Get Familiar With All Legends

You may have noticed by now that you cannot have two of the same legend on your team, and if you are fighting along side some strangers you may have a hard time getting your preferred legend every time. So make sure you know each legends strengths, weaknesses, and special ability. And most importantly, make sure you are aware of the best situation to use your skills.

What is the best legend in Apex Legends? That depends on your combat style. Much like in Overwatch a successful team is a well balanced team. Having a mix of aggression and support makes a world of difference.

If you play with a run-and-gun style then you’ll probably be more comfortable with Bangalore, Gibraltar, or even Wraith. Each of these characters possess enough firepower and resilience to push the front line.

More support-prone players are likely to be better suited to Lifeline, or Pathfinder due to their special abilities and helpfulness within their team.

And lastly, if you are a sneaky player who prefers flanking the enemy with the whole cloak-and-dagger style you will probably like Bloodhound, Mirage and even Caustic.

So get to know each one, Respawn will be bringing more characters into the mix in later updates, don’t risk being left behind while others excel, practice with all of the various Legends and weapons so you can adapt in each match.

Visit EA’s official page for Apex Legends, there you can find information on all of the Legends, Weapons, and more.

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