New Apex Legends Characters Leaked

New characters have been leaked for Apex Legends along with their abilities. There is also a list of potential new characters coming to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends leaks have been uncovered by data miners who, for the benefit of the rest of us, have scoured through the game’s code to dig up hints of new additions.

Turning our attention to screenshots posted on Twitter by several users and we see snippets of Apex Legends‘ source code indicating new legends and their abilities.

Octane and Wattson have appeared in the game files along with corresponding abilities.

The Stimpack ability for Octane could possibly be a health boost, or maybe even an item that will supercharge your legend for a short period. The file doesn’t contain much info on the Stimpack unfortunately, so let your imagination take the lead. If the existing legends and their abilities are anything to go by, it will probably be awesome.

Wattson’s Tesla Trap will be interesting, and most likely will involve Electricity as Nikola Tesla was well-known to experiment with. I imagine it will be a device that when triggered by an enemy will set off an electronic, or perhaps electro-magnetic wave that will damage and disable an entire squad as they pass through.

Keep in mind, the information found is quite vague in terms of any sort of description. So, right now we can only speculate, the reality could be far more impressive.

Along with the discovery of Octane and Wattson, a list of potential Apex Legends character names may have been uncovered although they have not been confirmed yet. We also have no indication as to the frequency or schedule for new character releases.

  • Crypto
  • Jericho
  • Rosie
  • Skunner
  • Prophet
  • Rampart
  • Husaria
  • Nomad

Respawn Entertainment may be loading up the files in preparation for new Apex Legends characters long in advance. However, they did promise to be providing us with a lot of creative content as the game progresses. These legends might not come around until the battle pass commences later in 2019, but you never know right?

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