Everything that has been added or removed on the Fortnite map for season 7

Epic games have outdone themselves with Season 7 of Fortnite, adding more loot, map and game mode changes than ever before.

Last week we saw the conclusion of Season 6, as underwhelming as it was, and the commencement of Season 7, which looks to promise many festive map changes, events, and cosmetics. ‘Tis the Season folks.

As with all new seasons, Epic introduces an updated map for players to explore, and consequently discover the many hidden changes. Some are more subtle than others, but a change is a change and we want to leave no stone left unturned.

Luckily, our good friend and frequent Redditer TheChiporpoise is on the case, providing us with his detailed model of the first weeks changes.

All of the new additions to Fortnite this season, including locations, battle stars and loot
Image Credit - TheChiporpoise


  • Blue boxes= new structures (for current week)
  • Blue outline/circles= new map change (current week, non structural)
  • Red boxes= new structures (prior to current week)
  • Red outline= new map change (prior to current week, non structural)
  • Dark red boxes= A.I.M. Outposts
  • Festive Green boxes= Christmas decorations (all weeks same color)
  • Yellow circles= secret battle stars
  • Purple circles= secret banners
  • Blue/Red arrows= path of movement of moving objects (usually trucks, blue=new, red=older)
  • White line= Season event object path (cube, island, etc.)
  • Black line= zip line paths (will be included tomorrow, didn’t have time to get them down)


  • A.I.M. Outposts (dark red boxes)
  • Christmas decorations in Snobby Shores (festive green boxes)
  • Turtle Guardian south of where the brick fox used to be (in a blue box)
  • “Crown of RV’s” on Plateau bordering Despacito District (in a blue box)
  • Sundial on Plateau north of desert gas station (in blue box)
  • Season 1 house at NE edge of map has been changed to brick fort (in blue box)
  • Airfield east of Risky Reels (blue box)
  • Creepy Castle has been abandoned (blue box)
  • Tilted Towers construction has begun (blue box)
  • Trucks under bridge in Tilted Towers have moved (blue box, will update to line if they move further)
  • Piano added North of Carbide Manor (blue box)
  • Dance floor added in Carbide Manor basement (blue box)
  • Christmas decorations in Tilted Towers (Christmas tree), Retail Row (stores), and Paradise Palms (3 houses) (festive green boxes)
  • Zip-line paths (black lines)
  • House to the right of the northern waterfall has been changed (blue box)
  • Giant sled where giant chair used to be (blue box)
  • “The Block” (RIP Risky Reels) (blue box)
  • Christmas decorations on Port Plateau (Festive green box)
  • Christmas decorations in Happy Hamlet (festive green box)
  • Rock monster (sculpture?) in rock field between Tomato Temple and Wailing Woods (blue box)
  • Plane crashed into house southwest of Retail Row (blue box)

Secret Battle Stars/Banners:


  • Week 1: On top of Submarine Summit Southeast of main A.I.M. Base

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