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A Little Known Fact About Fortnite's Rift-To-Go

Players have been a fan of the Rift-To-Go since it first came on the scene during Season 5. There was something very convenient about being able to quickly and effectively retreat to a safe distance when pinned down by your opponent and low on health.


The only downside to this awesome movement item, was the fact that it took up a item slot, so when finding them in a loot chest along with some other much needed weapons and shields etc, you would need to leave something behind in order to escape.

Well that is not the case as it would seem, and apparently there are still quite a few players that didn’t know.

When you use the Rift-To-Go, your player begins to shake the snow-globe-esque item before being sucked into the portal. During this crucial moment, you can pick up another item to fill the newly vacant slot.

This is not a glitch or a hack, so it’s success rate is 100% as long as you remember to pick the item up before the Rift activates.

It is recommended that you line yourself up so you can immediately pick up an item rather than looking around for it as the window of opportunity is quite small and easy to miss if you have not planned the move out.

While not a tip that will necessarily give you a huge advantage, it is definitely something that is handy to know so you can avoid leaving behind that loot you desperately need.

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