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The Daily Gaming News – E019

The Daily Gaming News for Saturday 9th of March. Things just keep on happening, stay up to date with our daily show. Reported by The_real4d

Apex Legends Battle Academy

Apex Legends Pro Tips & How To Get More Wins In a game as strategic as Apex Legends it’s crucial … the_real4d February 7, 2019 Apex Legends: Best Weapons & Busted Guns Knowing your weapon […]

World War Z is getting an extra mode, Players vs Players vs Zombies. Essentially. it's a battle royale with dead people.

World War Z Update: Players VS Players VS Zombies

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive have just released a trailer showing off the new Players vs Players vs Zombies for World War Z. This is in contrast to the usual four-player squad co-op that […]