News about Final Fantasy 7 remake, Conan Chop Chop, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, new hardware, Dr Disrespect drama, and lot's more from E3 2019. Find out about all of it on The Daily Gaming News.
The Daily Gaming News – E110
The Daily Gaming News is here with more announcements from E3 2019, plus a whole bunch of news regarding new
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The Daily Gaming News reports on the biggest stories from E3 2019. Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha and Beta tests, Final Fantasy 7 remake, and Contra. Come back every day.
The Daily Gaming News – E109
The Daily Gaming News is here, and today's show is filled with more news out of E3 as the convention
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Day one of E3 has wrapped up, so for today's episode we will fill you in on the biggest news from the largest event in gaming.
The Daily Gaming News – E108
The Daily Gaming News is here, and today we cover the biggest news out of day one of E3. There
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Samuel L. Jackson and TSM Myth will be hosting an E3 Live show this year.
The Daily Gaming News – E107
The Daily Gaming News for Sunday, June 9th. E3 is about to get nuts, so thankfully the rumors have slowed
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Review of At Sundown by Loot Reviews Gaming staff, Elgreegsio. Find out more about this fun, top-down shooter.
At Sundown: Shots in the Dark – The Shadow Shooter Your Thumbs Don’t Want You To Know About
Review of At Sundown: Shots in the Dark by Loot Reviews Gaming staff member Elgreegsio. Find out more about this
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Heroes Trials Review for PS4. Loot Reviews Gaming check out Shinyuden's indie RPG Heroes Trials.
Heroes Trials Review:
Our Heroes Trials review dives into the pros and cons of Shinyuden's Indie RPG. Is it worth playing?
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Check out the newest release from solo development team Yeah Us! Games.
Pumped BMX PRO Review
We recently had a quick look at the newest release from Yeah Us! Games. Have a look at the Pumped!
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BATALJ by Fall Damage is a fierce one vs one multiplayer arena, turn based and brutal.
BATALJ Review & Play Test
BATALJ is the first release from Indie Game Developer Fall Damage. The 1v1 turn-based strategy is complex and gorgeous.
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