ps4 game switchblade by lucid games is still struggling to gain a following with number dwindling. Will we see a change in these stats any time soon?

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Developed By Lucid Games only on PS4 & Steam

War is the new sport in Switchblade, an arena-based 5v5 vehicle action MOBA that blends high-octane combat with ever-switching tactical choices.

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More Vehicles Coming

Choose two vehicles before each match and switch between them at any time. Pick a balance of speedy scout and powerful tank, or go all-out with a pair of lethal fighters.

switchblade has various roles for players to choose from

Each Vehicle falls under one of the 5 Roles shown above

  • TANK

Armours are the largest and toughest vehicle class. Soak up damage and back your teammates up with powerful support utilities.

Artillery are slow and not well armoured but excel at attacks from a distance.

Fighters strike fast and hard at short and medium range. They excel at seeking out opponents and clearing the way for their team.

Scouts are small, fast and nimble but great at sowing chaos with their disruptive abilities

Tanks are big, bulky and heavily armed. Back your faster teammates up at the front line while blazing the trail for those behind