Steel Rats Review: PS4 Demo
Do you like destroying things in a mess of metal, fire, and gasoline? LRGaming review Steel Rats for PS4 while
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Zanki Zero review for PS4 by LRGaming Editor in Chief. Find out more about this text focused anime adventure.
Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Demo Review
Fans of the classic Anime text-heavy game will love Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, for those unfamiliar with the genre it
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Review of At Sundown by Loot Reviews Gaming staff, Elgreegsio. Find out more about this fun, top-down shooter.
At Sundown: Shots in the Dark – The Shadow Shooter Your Thumbs Don’t Want You To Know About
Review of At Sundown: Shots in the Dark by Loot Reviews Gaming staff member Elgreegsio. Find out more about this
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Heroes Trials Review for PS4. Loot Reviews Gaming check out Shinyuden's indie RPG Heroes Trials.
Heroes Trials Review:
Our Heroes Trials review dives into the pros and cons of Shinyuden's Indie RPG. Is it worth playing?
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When do you push in Apex Legends? Choosing when to engage the enemy, and when to hang back behind cover is key to winning a match of Apex Legends. Let's discuss that for a second shall we?
The Apex Chronicles: To Push or Not To Push
Pushing is a topic of great debate in battle royale. So when is the right time to push? How do
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Bring out the best of yourself by avoiding situations where you will do undesirable things to your squad mates.
Squadiquette: Apex Legends Gentlemen’s Guide
Gaming can be toxic, especially when things get competitive. We dive into some of the annoying habits of less-than-desirable teammates,
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Handy Peacekeeper tip that can be used with the Triple Take rifle in Apex Legends.
Peacekeeper Tip: Apex Legends Secret
You could easily miss this little Apex Legends secret if you weren't paying attention. The Peacekeeper and Triple Take have
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Apex Legends Guide to playing like a pro.
Apex Legends Pro Tips & How To Get More Wins
In a game as strategic as Apex Legends it’s crucial to have a strong plan in place in order to
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All the weapons that we know about in Apex Legends, with their stats.
Apex Legends: Best Weapons & Busted Guns
Knowing your weapon is just as important as knowing your Legend's ultimate ability. We have put together a list of
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Essential tips for Apex Legends to help you get better, and ultimately win more. What are the best legends? How to get more Apex Crates?
Apex Legends: Tips For Every New Player
Tips for new players of Apex Legends, a battle royale created by the team behind Titanfall and set within the
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The Daily Gaming News – E060
The Daily Gaming News for Saturday April 20th. Happy Easter, or what ever you may be celebrating today. Stay safe
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The Daily Gaming News – E059
The Daily Gaming News for Good Friday - 19th April. We here at Loot Reviews Gaming and The Daily Gaming
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The Daily Gaming News – E058
The Daily Gaming News for Thursday 18th of April. Thanks for hanging in there for the last 58 episodes gamers.
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The Daily Gaming News – E057
The Daily Gaming News for Wednesday 17th of April. Sorry for the late upload gamers. Readied-Up and good to go.
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