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The Fortnite Fortnightly Podcast E011 - Holiday Special With Adamantine Entertainment

The finish off the year with a bang, we speak with indie game dev team for The Wizard’s Gamble which is set to launch on Kickstarter very soon. The guys know how to have a laugh and share the details of their self taught development process which they dream of turning into a successful gaming empire. 


Due to the holidays, and the many things going on behind the scenes at Loot Reviews Gaming, this episode is not purely focused on Fortnite. Just a heads up on that one, but if game development is something that interests you, this episode surely will too.

We talk about some pretty important stuff though guys, like:

  • Video Game Detox Centers

  • Netflix Binges

  • 9 Inch DEAD Nails

  • China

Tune in and listen to the final episode for 2018, we will be back, better than ever in the second week of 2019.

Enjoy the show!


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