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The Fortnite Fortnightly Podcast E004 - Fortnitemares Special (LIVE)

Halloween has arrived and Fortnitemares is in full swing, at least until it ends this Sunday, November 4.
So to celebrate Fortnitemares, Halloween and the Huge In-Game Event that is set to take place, this episode the_real4D went rogue and Live Streamed the podcast. 

Watch, or listen and find out what is coming up, has passed us by and what gets us excited to play at the moment.

Our first Mini Competition was announced –

Send screenshots of your acquired Tournament Pins to our Discord or 

The member with the most pins by November 30th at Midnight, will be sent a $20 Amazon Gift Card or Voucher for a platform of their choice.

Follow the_real4D on Twitch and tune in on Sunday as he live streams the MASSIVE event that is bound to change the map in numerous ways and take us to the next chapter of Season 6.

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